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It’s that time of year – everyone is taking stock of their lives and acknowledging their gratitude for the things in life that they are most appreciative of.  And, of course, I do the same thing.  It goes without saying – I’m grateful for my family, our home, our wonderful friends, and even the dogs.  But here’s a list of things I’m grateful for, because I’m not quite sure I could get through life without them.

Cream Cheese

Yes, I think my life would be decidedly less tasty without cream cheese.  Not only am I a huge fan of cheesecake (for which I am equally as grateful), but I can eat cream cheese on potato chips, pretzels, celery (see, it’s a healthy food!) – anything that will stand still tastes better with cream cheese.

Mickey Mouse Front Door Key

Every time I open my front door, I do it with my Mickey front door key.  And it makes me smile.  And I’m not even all that fond of rodents.

Pine Sol

I don’t smell it often enough in my house, but I love the smell of Pine Sol.  It makes me appreciate a clean house, because I know with three kids, two dogs, and a husband, not only does the house not stay clean very long, but the other, ummmm, smells soon kill that Pine Sol smell.

Hot Tub

I have only gotten to use the hot tub we bought over the summer twice.  With an open wound that has persisted since my March surgery, anytime I mentioned it, Dr. Veitia would get an eye twitch and a lip tremor.  I am, however, nearly healed, and am so excited to sit in my hot tub, with the snow slowly drifting down on me as I relax in the hot water.  I’m so grateful, I haven’t even done it yet and it makes me happy!

Comfortable Shoes

Never underestimate your gratitude for comfortable feet.  I love my Crocs, even if they look obnoxious.  I love my sneakers – even the ones that claimed they would give me buns of steel (but apparently, that doesn’t work while you’re eating buns of cinnamon).  I love my Ugg Boots.  I never leave the house without my very own Happy Feet.


This isn’t just about the coffee.  Although, admittedly, I do love me a hot vanilla latte in the morning.  I like the routine, I like the socialization, AND I like the coffee.

And yes, I am so grateful for Jim, Brighid, Eilis, Granuaile, my parents (all of them!), my sisters, and even my dogs.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!












2 Replies to “Thankful…”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Anna, to you and yours, it is such a special time of the year your blog fine tuned all the little things that I am grateful for but sometimes overlook.

    Earlier this year I was determined to never set foot in Starbucks, but eventhough I lasted nine months without, saved almost $700, it wasn’t worth it. You see, you hit the nail on the head with Starbucks, it’s the socialization that I enjoy. And you know what? Life is too short to give up those little things that make your day complete, so I’ll just learn to behave a little and keep the S in my life, that’s all.

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Disney buddy and cyber buddy, blessings to you and yours throughout this Holiday season and yummmmo….I can smell all the glorious turkey aromas wafting all the way up to Toronto…..enjoy!!

    Hugs, Jackie Psarianos

    1. Thank you, Jackie – and YOU hit the nail on the head – life is too short to give up the things that make your day complete. I keep thinking about how much money I’d save, but then I think of the enjoyment I’d lose…the scale always gets tipped….

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