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I Am Healed. Damn.

Well, there go the excuses. 

As you well know, I’ve seen some weight creep up over the past year during my health crises.  It’s been hard to find time or energy to exercise, especially with gaping wounds in various places.  Add to that a really full school schedule and a gernal unwillingness to get off my big old arse, and you’ll see that exercise has not been a priority.

Then there’s been the food.  I lost a bit of weight while I was in ICU in August, and then when I came home, things tasted funny.  And the things that tasted good, I shouldn’t have been eating.  So I gained back the weight I lost in the hospital, and developed a taste for the things I should not have.

And here I am – fat and unhappy.

 But once again, I am vowing to change.  During my break from school, I am going to walk.  Every day.  Rain or shine, snow or sleet, I’ll be like a real, old school postman – not one of those mamby pamby ones we’ve got here in Bellmawr, who seem to skip delivery if the sun shines too brightly or the wind blows over three miles an hour. 

I’m going to allow myself Christmas to enjoy the things I love, then vow to divorce them all – every sweetly decorated sugar cookie, every candied yam, every vegetable covered in a thick, delicious, fattening dip. 

I might even – Jeebus help me for saying this – do the 5K at Disney in May.


You’ve heard it before, but now that I’m well, I have no excuses. 

Hold me to it, gang.  Don’t let me let me down.

6 Replies to “I Am Healed. Damn.”

  1. I’ll hold YOU to it if you hold ME to it. I don’t like the number on the scale, and neither will the gorgeous wedding dress I’m donning in July! After Christmas, I’m going to start going to the gym at the complex three times a week and work my way up–I’m gonna start eating healthier (and make Anthony do the same).

    We can do this together!!

    1. We’ll do it, Amy! We can check in once or twice a week to make sure we’re staying on the right track, and I promise to be your biggest cheerleader – even though they wouldn’t let me anywhere near a pom-pom in high school 😉 <3

  2. Sounds like your head’s in the right place and you are ready! Glad you are feeling better and are ready to tackle it. I’m a big fan of walking … pays off on many levels, even stress lowering – the side plus.

    Maybe you will even inspire me … my excuses are just “no time” (work full time, 2 little ones – one of which still wakes 3 times nightly, Oy!). I miss being more active.

    1. I hear you on the no time thing 🙁 I have three kids, a blind husband, two dogs, I go to school full time, and beginning in January, I’ll be back answering Moms Panel questions. But I had a trainer friend tell me recently that if I put half the energy into finding the time as I do whining about not having the time, he’s sure I could fit in 15 minutes a day to do SOMETHING. Here goes nothing!

  3. I’m with you sister! I’ve GOT to get my butt moving. I’m not going to deprive myself of special holiday treats but I can take a walk every day.

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