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Wishing You Wonderful

I was the oldest sister of two back in the early 70s, when I heard on the local news that they were air lifting babies out of Vietnam and sending them to the United States.  They were going to need homes, and I always wanted a big brother, so I encouraged my mother to call and get us on the list to get one of them babies.  He could be my new big brother.

I’m fairly certain my mom never called.

But what I got was so much better.

Bean and I came home from visiting my dad for the weekend, and a friend of my mom’s was at our house.  She told us that my mom had gone to the hospital, and we’d find out soon how she was.  It was late at night when my stepfather, Bob, came in to the bedroom where Bean and I slept.  He woke us both and said, “Youse have a baby sister, and your mom is alright.”

We can’t wait to see her!  We had a real life baby doll – we were going to dress her, and change her and put ribbons in her hair, and…..

then we met Megan.

From the minute this girl was breathing air on this earth, she was her own person.  There would be no dressing her up and putting bows in her hair.  There would be chasing after her and making way for her.  She was determined and independent, strong willed and fiercely loyal.

And she still is.

I have loved this little girl from the second Bob came into the bedroom that evening – before I met her, before I knew her, before she became who she would become.  It has been an honor to watch her grow up, witness her succeed, and enjoy her enthusiasm as she has discovered the true love of her life.

There is nothing I could wish her that she doesn’t already have – love, happiness, success, amazing friends, a terrific family (I mean, she does have me for a sister!).  So I will wish her this –


May everything, from this moment forward, be nothing but wonderful.  You deserve everything wonderful.

Love you, Meg <3

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  1. I love your wish! May I have permission to borrow it? Love and hugs for a fantastic weekend and wish your sister and brother-in-law Wonderful from me!

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