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Disney Loving Moms on a Mission

Three days.

In three days, you might spend $15 on coffee at Starbucks.

In three days, you might spend $6 in a vending machine at work on snacks.

In three days, you might spend $60 on take away dinners to save time cooking at home.

In the next three days, think of all the places you MIGHT spend money that you really don’t need to – happy hour drinks?  Movie tickets?  Fast food lunches?

In the next three days, in this country alone, 20 children will die from a childhood cancer.  This usually comes after countless visits to the doctor or hospital.  It comes following hour after heartbreaking hour of a mom or dad sitting by a bedside, watching a child battle for life.  It comes after every happiness is taken away and replaced by constant worry.

If you could take that Starbucks money and help bring a seriously ill child a smile, or a mom a wonderful memory, would you do it?  If you knew that the money you might spend in the next three days on a pizza could give a child Christmas this week, because he might not be here when Santa makes his annual trip, would you use it to spread some holiday spirit?  If you could bag lunch this week and have $15 extra dollars that you could send to give a dying child whatever he wanted for breakfast – even if it was ice cream – would it make the homemade sandwich taste much better?

There are only three days remaining in our annual fundraiser for Give Kids the World.  We are so close to our goal of $15,000, but we need your help.  It doesn’t matter whether you can spare $3, $30, or $300.  Whatever you have that might help bring pixie dust to these families during some of their darkest days are dollars well spent.

Make your donation at http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/DisneyFansGKTW/2012

7 Replies to “Disney Loving Moms on a Mission”

  1. Dear Anna,

    This piece is so inspirational that I cannot see anyone not donating to GKTW. In fact, you’ve raised some valuable points about our little excesses that over a matter of days add up to nothing substantial for us, yet could mean the world to a child fighting for their life.

    I need to share this with my friends who I know, they as well as myself are guilty of these little sins.

    Your writing is incredible.

    Be well,
    Jackie 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jackie! It really does put into perspective how much money we spend that we might not miss, compared to what it could do somewhere else. Thanks for sharing the piece!

  2. Anna,
    Beautifully written piece! I’ll say the same thing to you I did to Kaylene and Allison … I’m not currently in a position of donating money, but if it would help having handmade afghans to raffle or gift, I’d be more than happy to do the work on them. All someone need do is get me the yarn. I’ve taken Sweepstakes twice at the Utah State Fair with items I’ve designed (I do basic really well).

    1. What a great idea for next year! I will absolutely make sure we keep it in mind, and perhaps we can offer a handmade afghan as one of our weekly prizes! Thanks so much for this very generous offer!

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