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30 Days of Thanks – Day 15 – thankful for Maury Povich

Admit it.  You’ve sat glued to your TV to find out if Maury was going to shout, “You ARE the father”, or if some poor woman would go running off stage when she found out that man #4 was NOT the father to her still un-daddy’d little one.

Watching Maury makes me appreciate the life I have.  I know who fathered all of my children, and I know he’ll always be there to take care of them.  I’ve never had to take a lie detector test – and never felt the need to have my husband, my sister, my parents, my friends, or my children take one.  It means I am surrounded not only by people I trust, but people I know wouldn’t hurt me.

I love tuning in to see these guys who are hitting on women in the green room of the show while waiting to go out on stage – then they turn around and say they’ve never cheated.  It reminds me of how lucky I am to have someone who still, after almost 25 years and xxxx pounds, he still loves me and thinks I’m the most beautiful woman ever.

Today, I’m thankful for Maury Povich.  He reminds me of how good my life is.