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30 Days of Thanks – Day 17 – Thankful for Leftovers

You know how you have a party catered, and you have just enough food to make everyone at your party satisfied, but very little left over afterwards to clean up?

Yeah, that never happens when I cook for a party.

I live in constant fear that a small island nation is going to shipwreck on my doorstep, and I will need to feed them in the middle of a party.  If they come any other time, I’ll throw a few cans of soup at them and see if they’re able to open them with those giant machetes they are carrying, but I just know they’re going to arrive during a party, so I make sure there is enough food to feed them.

With Fakesgiving last weekend, I didn’t have to cook a real meal through Tuesday.  We ate leftover turkey and side dishes, and we even had potato pancakes one night when everyone was tired of turkey.

When the turkey was past it’s usable prime, I moved on to using up the ingredients I bought to make other things that had to be chopped due to time constraints at the last minute.  The rest of the week, we enjoyed grape pizza, bacon and swiss dip, and sun dried tomato jelly with goat cheese on crostini.

Yum.  And it’s not even real cooking.

I am so thankful that I suck at properly planning how much food I’ll need to feed a crowd.  We’ve had an awesome week of party leftovers.

4 Replies to “30 Days of Thanks – Day 17 – Thankful for Leftovers”

  1. Loving your “30 Days” posts Anna! Just read them all and they’re awesome! I’d kill for some leftovers right about now!

  2. Yum! I’ve never even had grape pizza, but I feel like I’ve been missing out. Everything looks delicious, and I too tend to go a bit overboard when guests come over.

    1. OMG we love grape pizza – and it’s so easy. Canned pizza dough (Pillsbury), chopped prosciutto, olive oil, crushed rosemary, grapes and cheese (you can use gorgonzola, but I like just shaved parmesan). Brush the pizza dough with olive oil, top with prosciutto, halved grapes, sprinkled crushed rosemary, and cheese. Bake about 15 minutes. So tasty!

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