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Pop Culture vs. Princess – Is this Part of What’s Wrong with America?

What, you may ask, do maternity clothes have to do with culture?  Maybe nothing.  But when you combine pregnancy with celebrity, it becomes part of our culture – part of what people know us for.

So let me share two photos with you.  Both are pregnant celebrities, about the same age, babies due about the same time.

Believe me, with three baby bumps of my own that had to be outfitted for work, weekends, and special events, it’s not always easy to look your best, with things you didn’t know you had bulging in places you didn’t know existed.  And I know how expensive maternity clothes can be.

But we’re talking Kardashian franchise here.  Doesn’t she have people?  Consultants?  Fashion gurus?  A mirror?

Compared to Princess Kate, the really beautiful Kim Kardashian looks like the poster child for the people of Walmart website.  She’s squeezed too tightly into a dress that doesn’t fit properly with her, ummm, assets looking as though they might blow this joint with one good sneeze.

There’s a time and a place for the Hooker Fabulous look.  Maybe during your pregnancy, you want to try to class things up a bit??


Where Happiness Inspires Hope

Even those of us who have been to Walt Disney World a bunch of times still have our favorite Walt Disney World vacation memories.  It may be the time that your husband proposed, or the time your baby had her first Mickey ice cream bar.  Maybe it was one of those vacations you took after a rough time at work or at home, and you just really enjoyed being able to get away from the worry and stress at home and relax as a family on vacation.

Now, imagine your rough time at home was your child being diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  Imagine the rough time included a prognosis so grim, you could barely get through a day, or even an hour, without crying.   Your days have been filled with trips to doctors and stays in hospitals, watching your child, sick with both illness and exhaustion, battle valiantly against a serious health crisis.  Even if you have good health insurance, there are overnight stays at hotels because you’ve had to go out of state and away from family and friends to seek medical treatments.  There are meals in hospital cafeterias, and babysitters to pay back home for watching your other children until Dad can pick them up after work.  Even if the stars aligned and things fell into place to take a vacation, there wouldn’t be money to spare to take one.


This is where Give Kids the World steps in.  More than 120,000 families have walked through the doors of the villas at Give Kids the World, surrounded by love and comfort for a blissful week of vacation that money could never buy.  Instead of the focus being on medicine, it’s on magic, as children get to recapture a piece of childhood that has been ripped away by being sick.  Visits to theme parks, bed time tuck-ins by whimsical characters, swimming and laughter – and ice cream for breakfast if they want it – and all at absolutely no cost to these families.

Give Kids the World is all about making the most magical memories for families at a time when they most need smiles and happiness.  They bring Christmas to the children who may not have the luxury of waiting for December, and they give the gift of wonderful vacation memories to families who aren’t sure they will have the opportunity in the future to have this type of experience.

When you see the smiles on the faces – and the stars on the ceiling (each child who comes to the Village gets a star) – you know this is where happiness – and hope – can be found, even in the most desperate of times.  That’s why myself and a group of amazing and wonderful Disney Loving Moms join together through the spring and summer to raise money to send children to this wonderful place.

If you can find it in your heart to donate and help us bring families down to Orlando for some of their most incredible vacation memories ever, please just click this link http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/DisneyFansGKTW/disneyfansgivekidstheworldfundraisingpage

100% of your donation goes right to Give Kids the World so that another child can be immersed in the world of fantasy and fairytale, even if it’s just for a little while.  Give them a week where they can be kids, not cancer patients.

You have the power to make magic happen for these kids.  Help us to bring the happiness that inspires hope to these families that so desperately need it.

Celebrity Kid Pictures – Home Run or Foul Play?

As Halle Berry was traveling through LAX this week, she and her fiance Olivier Martinez got into an altercation with the paparazzi.  This is not Halle’s first trip to that rodeo, as she has enjoyed a screamfest or two in the past with photographers, trying to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood Hottie and her tiny charge.

So.  What’s the deal?

There are celebrities making enough money to buy small third world countries by selling photos of their children.  Celebrity parents frequently take children with them to red carpet events and movie premiers, putting them out there for the world to see.  I’m not saying Halle Berry did, and perhaps she has every right to be angry at photographers trying to invade the privacy of her daughter.  But how much privacy are these kids typically entitled to?

There are many celebrities who keep their kids under wraps – and I’m not talking about the real under wraps, like Michael Jackson did with his kids – but under wraps as in out of the public eye as much as possible.  Some celebrities don’t release information pertaining to their babies births – no name announcement or cutesy baby photos in the press.  Then you’ve got the Jolie-Pitt clan, who are out in public with their famous parents all the time.

Should the paparazzi be punished for taking photos of these children?  Should celebrities do more to protect their children from unwanted attention?