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I is for Itemizing – a-to-z blog challenge



The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of itemizing is a bill.  Someone who wants me to pay something lays it all out there for me – food, dry cleaning, car repairs.  Itemizing is something I always associate with something negative.


No more.  It’s time to itemize the good things.  We take so much for granted – like my husband taking me for a ride every morning to get a hot coffee, or my daughters who fill my cup at dinner time with ice and cold water.  I do take those things for granted – and I’m sure there’s a long list of other things I take for granted as well.

I’m going to start listing them – itemizing them – the list of the good things that happen to me every day.  I know that’s just what I’ll need to get through those bad days we all have once in a while, where it feels like nothing is going well.  I’ll pull out that itemized list and see – there’s more things going well than I think there are.

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