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Dance Mom Did It

Dance Moms

Have you seen this show? Abby Lee Miller spends the whole show screaming at small children, telling them and their “stage mom” Moms that they’ll never be good enough to be contenders, children cry, moms threaten to quit, and they all come back again next week.

One mom, Kelly Hyland, now says that Abby Lee Miller forced her daughter to see a psychiatrist.

Yep.  It was all Abby Lee.

I’ve seen this show a handful of times, and I can’t sit through a whole episode.  It hurts me to see these kids get screamed at and belittled, but it hurts me even more that the moms not only sit there and let them have it, they come back for more.

My oldest daughter was a competitive Irish Step Dancer.  There was a time when I sat in a parking lot, listening to a dance coach yell at the children while they danced.  We didn’t go back.  Did his school win a lot of awards?  Did a lot of his students go to the world championships in Ireland? Yes to both.  Did I want my kid coming home crying from dance class? I did not.


When I saw the article today about Kelly Hyland accusing Abby Lee Miller of causing her child to have panic attacks, and then further accuse the reality show “Dance Moms” of exploiting (Really? A reality show exploiting someone for ratings? Who knew?) her child by shoving a camera in her face during these anxiety episodes, I had to shake my head.

For sure this child lost a small piece of her sanity under the direction of Abby Lee Miller, but really? Kelly Hyland owns this one.  You’re her mom.  It was your job to say, “You know what? I don’t like the way you’re being treated, and it’s not worth whatever amount of money this TV show is paying us.  Let’s go.” She didn’t.

For the record, Hyland’s children are no longer on the show, but she did file a $5 million lawsuit in February against Abby Lee for her treatment of the kids.

Who holds her accountable for the treatment of her kids?

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