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The Happy’s Bring Smiles In a Camp Care Package

My two youngest recently spent two weeks in summer camp.  For Eilis, this was old hat – she’s been there, had fun, made friends, and got over being homesick.  For Granuaile, who just turned nine in the spring, this was her first overnight camp experience.  She was excited, not at all anxious or worried, and totally thrilled with the prospect of being “on her own” for two whole weeks.  As the youngest, it was her first big thing to do without an older sister’s shadow to stand in.

I probably cried more than I should.  I worried over what I was sending for care packages, hoping not to make her miss home or me and her dad more than she might.  Then the most amazing box showed up on our doorstep!


Have you heard of the Happy’s?  Remember Zhu-Zhu pets from a few years back – the hamsters and their toys that were quite the rage?  Well the Happy’s are bigger – and WAY better versions of the Zhu-Zhu pets.  There are cuddly little dogs and sweetie pie kittens.  They chase balls and play with toys – just like real pets, only without the real mess.  And kids Granuaile’s age LOVE them.  Okay, kids my age love them too.  They’re so sweet.  But this package contained two of The Happy’s, which earned this box the title of The Most Wicked Awesome Care Package at Camp!

Happy care package 4


Also included in the care package were some delicious snacks.  Granuaile got to share the always popular Fruit Roll-ups, printed M&Ms, and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers with her bunk-mates (I wonder if this had anything to do with her status as most popular in her bunk?), and the box included some activities which came in VERY handy on the night the kids were ushered to the bathrooms during a tornado warning!  Thank goodness for the things in the box like the Crayola crayons and Fuzzy Sticks – they gave the young campers activities to do while they were hunkering down against the storm.

Thank you so much to BSM Media, Maria Bailey, and Melanie Yerman for delivering this incredible box of goodies to Granuaile.  It was the highlight of her two weeks at camp!

Happy care package 1


*Disclosure – Items discussed in this blog post were sent to us complimentary and were reviewed for the purposes of this blog.

Are Kids Getting Stupider? The Fire Challenge Seems Like Proof

So, you all remember when the latest rage in being a dumb kid was the cinnamon challenge, right?  It’s where children, in an attempt to make an internet name for themselves by choking down a heaping spoonful of cinnamon.  The cinnamon challenge can cause nosebleeds, inflammation of the lining of the nose and lungs, choking, lung infection, pneumonia, asthma, and in extreme cases, death.

That’s so yesterday, y’all!

The challenge kids are doing now in an effort to achieve ultimate internet fame – a viral video – is one of those things that will make you think, “What the hell is wrong with these kids?”  I know, we thought that after the cinnamon thing – but no, really, this will make you really look at today’s young people as if we have removed their brains and replaced them with a stupid chip, which causes them to seek more and more outlandish and idiotic methods to YouTube popularity.

Well, they’ve found it.


Yes, friends, the Fire Challenge is the new black.  The hottest (no pun intended) trend going for all the cool kids.

What is the Fire Challenge, you might ask.  Well, as any rational person would, you douse yourself in a flammable liquid and light yourself on fire.

Check this out – Fire Challenge Gone Wrong

Fun, right?

Hey, kids, here’s a challenge for you.  Knock it the hell off.  This generation has brought us not only the Fire Challenge but the knock-out game, where you walk up to unsuspecting people and punch them in the head or face, hoping to render them unconscious while your friends with iPhones videotape the whole thing.  Remember when we were kids and old people would say “What’s wrong with kids today?”  Okay, as the old person, we can legitimately ask what the hell is wrong with kids today?

I think the video/internet/social media age has made it so kids don’t interact with real people, and the value they place on life and other human beings is tempered by the fact that they don’t really interact with real people anymore.

It’s time to use the internet and your YouTube channel for good, young people.  Ignite your brain, not your body.