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Time to Plan the Christmas Photo! Fa La La Fashion Sense

I have tortured my children for years.  Honestly, it may be why I had children and why I’m so grateful they are girls.  Through the years, I’ve loved dressing them up in outfits that exploited the fact that I had daughters.  Lacey, flowery, with bloomers, with matching hats – I have so enjoyed dressing my girls.

At some point, though, after the third baby girl, it seemed that I had hit a brick wall when it came to Christmas pictures.  Looking back, one dress seemed so similar to the others, it was becoming harder to tell which kid was in which dress.  I tried to break from the red and green Christmas favorites and moved into black, gold, silver, even brown.  It wasn’t cutting it.

I moved on to interesting poses.  Let’s not have them all sitting pretty, looking like perfectly well behaved little angels.  Let’s show some personality.

And I found my inspiration!  No more boring holiday photos for this mom.  This is last year’s Christmas card photo:

Just wait until you see what I have in store this year!