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Yellowstone Under Canvas – Glamping at It’s Finest

Those that know me  know that “camping” for me means a standard view room in a value resort at Walt Disney World.  No room service?  That’s like being on Survivor with a group of people who can’t light the fire and don’t know how to cook rice!

When Jim suggested we make a stop at Yellowstone National Park on our way home from Seattle, I was excited!  I love Yellowstone, and I love my kids when they’re at Yellowstone.  But when he said we’d stay overnight, in a tent, where there are bears, I started thinking he’d lost his mind.  Obviously, the man was off his meds.

Then he showed me the pictures.  They call this “Glamping” – a luxury version of camping.  My first introduction to the place was this

Okay, talk to me.

The tents are set up cabin style.  You’ll have beds, rugs, drawers to store your clothes, and solar lights.  The deluxe tent also gives you a tipi tent with a private bathroom and shower (heated!!), a raised wood floor (will that save me from rattle snakes?), and a private patio.

We booked the “Sundowner”, which gives us a place to watch sunset that includes snacks and drinks – which, by the way, are not allowed at the campsite.  Bears.  Oh my.

I’m actually a little bit excited!  The kids are going to be thrilled – well, except Brighid, who refuses to turn in her girly girl card and hang in with us for the camping trip.

If I get eaten by wolves or coyotes or trampled by buffalo, I’m leaving my Cinderella Castle Suite bathrobe to the person who doesn’t say, “I told her so.”