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What Happens When You Are Gastrically Altered? A Slightly Off Track Story

There are reasons we want to lose weight and put ourselves through the surgery and the side effects.  I’d like to say I wanted to feel better, decrease my chances of heart disease and other obesity related illnesses, have more energy.

Honestly, when I weighed over 300 pounds, I didn’t know I lacked energy.  I still functioned and got everything done I needed to do.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I wanted to look better.  I wanted to look in the mirror and find a body that I was happy with looking back at me.  There were no delusions that I would suddenly be 5’10” tall and 120 pounds with gorgeous flowing blonde hair.  But I didn’t want the body I had glancing in my direction.

So now it’s Award season out in Hollywood, and all the celebrities I used to curse as I sat eating my bag of Cheese Curls in bed are dressing up and strutting their stuff on the red carpet.  They’re all glammed out, wearing designer gowns, thousands of dollars of borrowed jewelry, and looking, well, looking…..

REAL!!  Oh my feckin’ God!

I cannot tell you how exciting it is for a girl who grew up in the era of Twiggy to see some of the celebs walking the red carpet!  These are bodies I want my daughters to see!  These are the women who are truly breaking ground in Hollywood.  Forget it if you think it’s awesome that a black woman winning an Oscar is big news.  It’s a whole ‘nother level of freakin’ fantabulous to see a big girl walk up on that stage!  And they are GORGEOUS!

Not only are they strutting their stuff, the gowns have been really and truly beautiful!

They’re not all dressed in black, trying to camouflage their bigness – they are showing pride in their bodies, pride in themselves, and honoring all of us big girls by doing it up right.

And I gotta tell you, I get much more excited to see these big, beautiful women than I ever could looking at this:

You know those people that always say things to fat chicks like, “She’s got such a pretty face…”?  Yeah, well, so does she – give the bitch a sandwich.

Skinny is one thing – I don’t mean to dis you if you’re trim and fit and beautiful.  But for someone who grew up thinking I might not ever be good enough because I wasn’t tiny, I think I’ve FINALLY reached a new level of liking myself after comparing this

to this:

You go, girls.  I’m so proud to be big.