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Thanksgiving Turkey Cake – Plenty of Room at the Holiday Table!

Well, as if my fascination with the Cherpumple wasn’t enough- https://www.beautygirlsmom.com/2010/11/08/cherpumple-its-whats-for-dessert-this-thanksgiving/– my friend, Disney Moms Panel Member Erin Foster Tweeted about this other abomination of Thanksgiving goodness – the Thanksgiving Turkey Cake!

Essentially, this is a meatloaf, made with ground turkey instead of beef.  And then it becomes almost like a shepherd’s pie, as you layer the meat with the other ingredients.  Except instead of layering this with sweet peas or carrots, you’re getting layers of cranberry sauce, sweet potato, and stuffing!

I’m looking at this from the purely practical standpoint of space on my table.  I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty large dining room table, and it never ceases to amaze me how it gets so filled with holiday dishes!  Putting this turkey cake together gives me room for that floral centerpiece my husband used to send – until we realized we never had room for one.  There will be elbow room for company to enjoy, without fear of picking up a glass of wine and spilling the gravy boat.

If you want to replace the traditional spread with this for your holiday meal, check out the instructions on cooking and assembling – http://www.chow.com/recipes/29029-thanksgiving-turkey-cake .  Let me know how it is, because I think it’s gonna be a hard sell at my house 🙁