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Review – Black Jesus on Adult Swim

Let’s start by saying, I am not a fan of adult swim.  I haven’t found any program on there that shares my sense of humor.  I won’t say I have a very refined humor palate, but I have progressed past funny farts and penis puns.  I could not even tell you what number channel I would need to tune in to watch Adult Swim.

It is purely through my husband that I even know Black Jesus exists.  He is a huge fan of the show, laughing hysterically about jokes involving the pot smoking Savior and the antics of his “disciples”.  The real reason Black Jesus caught my attention, however, is that there are so many religious groups decrying the existence of this program, peddling petitions to get it pulled from the air.

I gotta ask – why?

Slick Johnson

Black Jesus brings the Lord to LA – a present day version of what Jesus would be like living in Compton.  Much like the original Jesus, this one hangs out with people of questionable persuasion – drug dealers, prostitutes, gang members.  But the message of Black Jesus, although delivered somewhat tongue in cheek, is the same one Jesus brought the first time around – peace and love.

Jesus can’t give you the lottery numbers, because life is about more than material possessions.  He helps the atheists and Christian non-believers in the same way he helps the people that follow him.  He throws in the faces of his followers that he died for our sins – even though they are taking a “what have you done for me lately” attitude.

So what is there to protest?  Is it the fact that Black Jesus can turn water into wine, or do you have a problem with the fact that the people imbibing are not the wedding goers in Canaan?  Could any of these groups have given the show the benefit of at least a few episodes?  The protests kicked off upon the release of the trailer for the show.


I’m not going to be a regular viewer, but again, this is not really my sense of humor.  I don’t find the religious nature in any way offensive – speaking as a Christian of the Catholic persuasion.  I think this is who Jesus would be if he were here today – someone who lived among the common people, performed miracles only when necessary, and living with a perpetual smile on his face – exuding peace and love.

Maybe the Christian Entertainment Alliance should take note of that.  It’s what Jesus would do.

Check out more about Black Jesus at http://www.adultswim.com/videos/black-jesus/