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Gun Violence. Gun Control. Makes Your Head Spin.

Oh, Samuel L. Jackson, you are a wise man.

When the Newtown, CT shooting occurred, I was away from my children.  The shooting impacted me, but I was busy, celebrating with friends, and had the Happiest Place on Earth surrounding me to cushion the effect.

My kids were in the car at the airport when I came home, and it was all I could do to hold it together until I got home.  Silent tears streamed down my face, and silent prayers were recited in my head.  They were prayers of thanks that my own children were safe, prayers of comfort for the victims of the tragedy, and prayers of hope that the rest of us would find answers to why we keep killing each other.

And there, in the words of Samuel L. Jackson is the answer.

I watched the Roadrunner growing up and must admit that I never felt compelled to drop an anvil on anyone’s head.  We were allowed to watch the Three Stooges routinely beat each other up, and yet my fingers never found themselves in the eyes of any of my sisters.  I understand that with video games, television shows, movies, and the internet, kids today are exposed to more acts of violence than we ever were as kids, but where is our responsibility in all of this?  Where are the moms telling the kids, “If I ever see you do anything like this, I will beat your ass so you won’t sit down until you’re married!”  Why do we not teach our kids to value life, respect people, respect property?

I don’t know if stricter gun control laws are going to do much to change our society.  Stricter kid control laws might be a better way to go.

Be inspired – In Memory of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School

“…let it not turn into something that defines us, but inspires us to be better, to be more compassionate, and more humble people.”  – Robert Parker, father of six year old Emilie Parker


Inspire us.

As I sit here, cheeks drenched in tears, chest heaving in sobs, I feel anything but inspired.  I am angry.  And sad.  And scared.

But I have to pack my girls up and send them to school today.  I have to find the strength and the courage to send them out into the world where I can’t protect them.  I can’t wrap my arms around them and hug them, knowing my day will be peaceful and secure.  I have to let them go.

In letting them go, I hope they are the inspiration.  I hope they will be kinder to other children today, more considerate of their teachers, and better in and of themselves.  I hope they find gratitude where they may have found discontent; understanding where they used to find frustration; and friends in kids they may have previously not noticed.

I believe in my heart that we are sent here with a blueprint that outlines our purpose, and although the pain I feel that these tiny blueprints all built up to this sad and tragic event, no life on this earth, no matter how brief, is lived in vain.  Bless these tiny souls for accomplishing so quickly what they were sent her to do.  I know that the choir of angels singing to the Lord Himself on Christmas day will be so much sweeter with these little voices returned home.

I hope in this tragedy we all find the inspiration to be better people.  Even though these feet were tiny, we have big shoes to fill if we ever want to make as big an impact on this world as these tiny lives have done.  May God bless these families, wrap them in His comforting embrace, and give them peace in knowing that we will be forever touched by the beautiful faces of their children.

Be inspired.  Love each other.