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Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse App Review

Remember when you gave your kids Play-Doh, and they squished it and shaped it, then got it embedded into your carpet so tightly that the only way to get it out was to call the dogs in to lick it out?  The little crumbs were all over the dining room table, so you combined them all together and told your husband they were rainbow peas that you added to the carbonara sauce you had for dinner.

Never again!


Squish:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse takes all the fun of playing with clay or Play-Doh, adds your kids’ favorite cartoon characters, and keeps you from having to clean up the mess!  Kids can twist, shape, inflate, and even melt their own clay creations with the help of their friend Mickey Mouse.  There are a variety of tools that let the kids pull the clay, make it bumpy, and shape the clay into anything they want.  They can add accessories, like mustaches, bow ties, and Goofy hats.

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Kids choose the colors they want to work with, the things they want to add to their creations, and they can even take a picture of it when they’re done.  Your child is limited only by their imagination!

For use on the iPad or the iPhone, the app is recommended for children ages 5 and under.  Honestly, though, I played with it for a while, and my nine year old had a blast with it.  This app definitely lets your child create and be inspired!


The app is $4.99, and then you can download a free bonus pack to add additional shapes and features.


*Disney Consumer Products provided me with a code that allowed me download this app for free for the purposes of this review.