Latest Update From My Crack Medical Team

I admit it.  I am not the best patient on the planet, which really sucks for my surgeon, who is the most kind, patient, and caring doctor.


I have, however, been doing everything I know how to be a good patient this time around.  And for almost a full month, I had absolutely no post-op complications.

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays?

Oh yeah – because that’s the day stuff started really going wrong.

I woke up Monday morning and I was in a puddle of ooze.  I thought I had just gotten really, really sweaty during the night (thank you, menopause); but when I sat up, the sheets were covered with a rather unpleasant drainage of bodily fluids.

I now have two open wounds – one about the size of a dime; the other about the size of a, well, not a dime 🙁

I’m so glad my doctor had a nice week of vacation, so he’s well rested and ready to tackle me!

Back on antibiotics.  Visiting nurses start tomorrow to come and pack and dress my wounds.  And I am under the strictest orders to retract my offer to participate on Dancing With the Stars; Deadliest Catch; Cirque du Soleil; and even, gosh darn it, American Pickers 🙁  I thought I was behaving before.  I’m not even allowed now to reach my arm out of my car window to grab my latte at the Starbucks drive through 🙁

Say a prayer that I stay infection free.  I’m optimistic, but it never hurts to have someone besides me bend His ear 🙂