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Bullying in Demi Lovato’s Past May Have Led To Her Present Issues

Did bullying lead Demi Lovato to cutting and an eating disorder? I am truly sad for her.

On this morning’s news, they reported that Demi Lovato had checked herself into an inpatient therapeutic treatment center for “physical and emotional” issues.  They went on to elaborate that she MAY be seeking treatment for cutting herself and for an eating disorder.

It’s not news that Hollywood puts tremendous pressure on young people to conform to a certain standard – a standard which is unrealistic by any stretch of the imagination.  Perfect hair, skin and teeth that all sit atop a perfect body.

But they alluded to the fact that Demi’s condition may not have begun since one of Disney’s Pop Princesses became famous.  Demi was one of those kids mercilessly bullied as she was growing up, and that may have contributed to her current issues.

Look at this kid, will ya?

What the hell could someone find to bully her about?  Gorgeous hair, perfect smile, beautiful skin – this is a dark haired version of a Barbie Doll.  She’s beautiful!

I applaud her for recognizing the need for treatment – and for not bowing to what must have been incredible pressure to stay on her current Jonas Brothers tour.  Let’s hope that the help she gets now keeps her out of the trouble that befalls not only so many other young celebrities, but also the fate that many bullied young people succumb to.

Get well, Demi.