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Muy Delicioso! Taco Bell’s Cinnabon Delights – Best Thing Since Doritos Locos Tacos!

Gotta say right now – I am not a fan of Taco Bell.  How many different ways can you throw ground meat in some sort of bun type thing, top it with lettuce and cheese, and expect it will bring people in day after day?  Well, of course, they do.  People love Taco Bell.  I typically order the Doritos Locos Taco, so even though the meat is odd and the lettuce funky, I get the taste of Doritos – and face it, who doesn’t love Doritos?

So, when my husband pulled in to a new Taco Bell in our area, I wasn’t thrilled.  Isn’t there a Wendy’s chili nearby?  An Asian chicken salad from Chik-fil-a?  Something other than ground beef topped with cheese and lettuce?

And there it was.  The new Cinnabon Delights.  Despite everything else unappealing on the menu, they had me at “Cinnabon”.

Because who doesn’t need a reward when they are suffering through ground beef tossed on a tortilla with cheese and lettuce?  Or sour cream.  Or tomato.

Cinnabon Delights Taco

Warm and way lighter than they look, these little balls of delicious dough are rolled liberally in a cinnamon sugar blend, very much like the inside of a Cinnabon.  But where’s the goopy icing?  That may be the delightful part!  As you bite into these delicious little morsels, you’ll find the warm, goopy, way too sweet but who cares because it’s delicious icing!  Best part – you get four per order, so you can indulge in a tiny little sweet golf ball sized treat, then pass the bag off to your children, so you don’t turn into a big fat arse.

Cinnabon Delights Taco Bell

The one con to these sweet genius treats – eat them while they are warm.  They get a little funky in texture – almost damp – when you let them cool off too much.  Oh, and don’t eat them when they are too hot – I felt like Kramer on a Seinfeld episode while waving my hands at the burn on my tongue from my first bite into a piping hot Delight.

Price is about $1.50, and this makes a nice little dessert or snack.  Or a replacement meal when your husband insists on his Taco Bell fix.

Cherpumple – It’s What’s For Dessert This Thanksgiving

You’ve been there with me – in the bakery, trying to decide what to pick up for your Thanksgiving dessert.  Someone wants pumpkin pie.  Someone else prefers apple pie.  Another someone asked for a nice layer cake.  If you’re like me, you want to make everyone happy, so you buy one of everything.

Your table looks outrageous, and what usually happens is that everyone takes a small sliver of everything, and you’re left with a half eaten pumpkin pie, apple pie, and layer cake.  And that, my good readers, is how my arse got to be the size of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon!

Let me save your Thanksgiving – and you hind end (well, maybe not so much).  I want to introduce you to the ultimate in holiday desserts.

The Cherpumple.

In this one incredible dessert, you have all of your holiday favorites.  The Cherpumple is a cherry pie, a pumpkin pie, and an apple pie all baked into a layer cake, then topped with cream cheese frosting!  Oh My Goodness!

The bottom layer of the cake is a spice cake, into which you bake an apple pie.  The middle layer is a yellow cake, and you’ll find a pumpkin pie surprise baked right in there.  Top the whole thing with a white cake filled with cherry pie, and you have a Cherpumple!

I’m pretty sure this would save me from Thanksgiving over dessert eating.  I could never get through a whole slice of this cake, and if there was any left, I don’t know that I’d have much trouble tossing it.  But I’d love to try it.

If you want to make your very own Cherpumple this holiday season, watch this informative video by the creator of this monster dessert.

Maggiano’s Little Italy – Gastric Bypass Restaurant Review – Dessert!

We are so full that even my sweet teeth little girls roll their eyes when the waiter comes over to ask if we want dessert.  Then the little one pipes up with “unless there’s chocolate ice cream!”

The dessert menu features a few Italian favorites, like tiramisu and spumoni; Italian spins on chocolate cake and pound cake; and the more traditional NY cheesecake.  Many of their options come with ice cream on the side, but there is absolutely not way this family is going to be able to eat two desserts unless they are bringing a crane to get us to our feet and roll us out the door.

The girls push for the chocolate zuccoto cake, which is a chocolate layer cake filled with chocolate mousse flavored with Sambuca.  Since this is one dish that doesn’t come with ice cream, I ask our waiter if he can just go ahead and box our cake to go.

We have the cake the next day, with our left over dinner, and I have to say, as light and fluffy as you think it will be because of the layers of mousse, it is a thick, dense cake with a thick chocolate frosting, and it is way too heavy for me to have more than a few bites.  Gastric bypass aside, this is a heavy duty cake, but when you factor in the gastric bypass, this could be dumping on a plate.  Take a bite to just satisfy your head hunger for the cake, but know that you aren’t missing anything by not being able to eat more than a taste.

Our second choice, which seems the least heavy of the bunch, is the spumoni.  The Maggiano’s version of this Italian ice cream combination features chocolate, pistachio, and cherry ice cream that is cold, creamy, and delicious.  There are chocolate pieces and dark sweet cherry pieces, although I would like to have seen a few more pistachios scattered in there.  Jim, who says he isn’t going to have any dessert, actually jumps at the chance when the waiter offers to bring another bowl.  Remember, this is all you want to eat.  Next time, we might start with the spumoni.

I know a lot of post-ops struggle with ice cream, as many of us become lactose intolerant.  I do fine with it, and I haven’t dumped on ice cream yet.  This was a much better choice for me than the cake.

Wrap up coming up next!