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D is For Disney – Duh!


DAs if there was a way to get to the letter D in the A to Z Blog Challenge and not have me mention Disney.  In honor of the letter D, I present with fond memories and intense longing my favorite Disney “D List”.

Dole Whip – Well, yeah. Virtually impossible to find anywhere outside of Disney, this creamy, soft servey, pineappley deliciousness makes me smile and drool – not a pretty sight, if it’s a big, open mouthed smile, because then the drool spills all over the computer keyboard. Not that I speak from experience.


Donald Duck – Love to see his big, beaky (or is it a bill because he’s a Duck?) smile as we enter one of the best buffet meals not only at Walt Disney World, but anywhere – Tusker House.  So unexpected for a theme park meal, and so many unusual, off the beaten path things to try!


Disney Dollars – Unlike Itchy and Scratchy Dollars, which they don’t take anywhere, including Itchy and Scratchy Land, Disney Dollars can be used for just about everything during your Disney vacation.  And thanks to my friend Kay, another Mom on the Disney Parks Moms Panel, I’ve learned a fun game with the Disney Dollars that gives the kids a bit of their own spending money with each meal.  Buy your Disney Dollars ahead of time, and put them in plain white envelopes.  Everyone at the table chooses an envelope, which could contain $1 to $5, and the person with the biggest amount of money in their envelope throws the trash away!  The kids get a kick out of it, and they love to save their dollars until the last meal to get the best souvenir their winnings can buy!

Double Flying Dumbos – Oh yes, I love them. But not for the reason you probably think.  I cannot ride the Flying Dumbos because going around in a circle like that makes me so nauseous and dizzy, I’d have to browse the rest of the park with my head in a bucket.  But this is that quintessential first ride – the one even the youngest kids can go on without fear or worry.  I’ve gotten some of my most favorite pictures of my tiny beauty girls as they spin around on their own flying elephant.  Priceless.


What are some of your favorite Disney “D”s?