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Q is for Quare Things – a-to-z blog challenge

Q A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cThere’s a song I used to hear a lot, growing up with my Dad.  The song, from a band called the Wolfe Tones, is called Quare Things in Dublin, and on the surface is about a clock in the city that has four separate faces.  If you look at it from one side of the street, you’re running well ahead of time, but on another corner, you’re already late.

Shandon Tower Clock, Dublin
Shandon Tower Clock, Dublin

If you get through the song without being lulled into the lilting music, you’ll hear the real meaning behind the song.  It comes in the lyrics at the very end.


“There’s a lesson in life to adopt and interpret.
It applies to all people regardless of race.
Don’t put your trust or your faith in a person
If sometimes they seem to have more than one face.”

I have a friend who was recently thought to be a shoe in for a job.  He had all but been told there wasn’t even another candidate close in the running, and he could almost rest assured he had this gig in the bag.

They lied.

This message is for him, as he licks his wounds and tries to regroup and come up with a “what’s next” plan.  He’s young enough to put the lesson to good use.