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Secret Princes – So Let Me Get This Straight

Back in the day, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall came to America from some far off African land.  Eddie was a prince, if I recall, and he wanted to live life as a pauper here in America.  He found a job at the MacDougall’s, met a common girl, fell in love, and then had James Earl Jones come storming over here from Africa to haul his ass back home.

Only, of course, because this is the movies, he tells Darth Vader that he wants to marry James Evans daughter, and everyone is okay with this.

Fast forward to today, and TLC (remember when they were the Learning Channel as opposed to the television version of The Globe?) is about to introduce their new show Secret Princes.  Four foreign princes (but not big ones that we’d know if they showed up nekkid in Vegas) have decided to come over here to the US to pursue love with a common girl – who I have a feeling will be introduced to the current day version of James Earl Jones, only to have her spray tanned, poofy haired, valley talking aspiring actress butt back home.  It sounds like the Bachelor with an accent and no roses.

The only love connection I envision is the one TLC makes with the money that will be pouring in to the station that brings you such educational programming as Honey Boo Boo and Say Yes to the Dress.

Well, and maybe the one we make with the prince who is the underwear model.  Beckham who??