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Somebody’s Gonna Be Offended

And I apologize.

I love parties.  I like to take as many occasions as I can, and invite people over to celebrate.  Fakesgiving?  We’re throwing a party.  Christmas?  We’re having a party.  All the laundry in the house is done?  We’ll be throwing a party (when it happens).

When I throw a party, I don’t expect people to bring gifts – but more than that, I would never ASK someone for a gift.  Even if the event is one you would typically expect to bring a gift for, just because I have invited you to celebrate with us, please don’t think I have invited you because I want you to bring a gift.  I invited you because we love you, we enjoy your company, and we just think you’re special, damn it.

So when did it become socially correct to host a party for yourself and ASK people to bring you gifts?

Consider this invitation someone recently sent me:

Before this Miss Becomes a Mrs.

Come shower Me with Gifts and Your Best Wishes!

What?  You are throwing yourself a bridal shower AND you are telling me I have to come and bring presents?  I mean, I would, of course, but I am slightly ticked off that you (a) are hosting your own shower and (b) are not merely implying the obligation to bring a gift by discreetly slipping in your wedding registry information, you are telling me I HAVE to bring a gift.

Okay, so I’ve had friends who had a big hand in organizing their own showers – primarily because the actual host sought out assistance.  I think that’s fine – but mainly because there wasn’t a tacky poem insisting I bring gifts.  I’ve even had a friend tell me NOT to bring a shower gift for an event because I was helping out in other ways – but seriously?  I would have brought a gift anyway AND wanted to help, because I love this person to pieces.

I’m over it.  You do not get to organize your own party, demand people bring you gifts, and expect me to come with a smile on my face.

Oh – and while I’m pissing people off?  Have you had a baby shower for your first baby?  Is your second baby the same gender as the first?  Are there less than three years between said babies?  You don’t get another baby shower!

My apologies to those I’ve offended.  If you had sent me gifts before I blogged, I wouldn’t have said mean things.

Let’s Gossip – Should Kim Kardashian Keep Her Wedding Gifts?

Awww, true love!  Remember that bazillion dollar wedding that took place not too long ago and lasted ten minutes?  It was between the bootylicious Kim Kardashian and that tall white guy.

Obviously, because the Kardashians only know people who are, like themselves, incredibly, filthy rich, there were some very generous wedding gifts offered to the beautiful bride and whatshisname.  I’m sure there were all the usual things – a crockpot, a toaster, a Mr. Coffee – you know, things that you would buy for the brides you know.  But is the former Mrs. I Needed the Money a Wedding Would Earn Me For My Reality Show entitled to keep the gifts?

According to the jilted jackass that married Kim Karda$hian, no.  He believes that since the marriage was a sham (which, of course, he had no knowledge of), she should return everything.

According to Emily Post, they get to keep the gifts.  Who would want Kim Kardashian’s used bath towels?  Her electric can opener?  The sterling silver toilet paper roll holder?

To soften the blow for all those poor suckers  generous loved ones who are out the big bucks they spent on the buy 1, get 1 for a penny JC Penney down pillows, Kim has donated TWICE the value of each gift to her favorite charity (stop it, those of you thinking it’s the other Kardashians!).  Not the gift giver’s favorite charity, mind you, but one near and dear to Kim herself.

I’m on the fence.  I kind of think if the wedding took place, she gets to keep the gifts.  At least the ones from her family and friends.  And Whatshisface should get the kitchen towel ensemble his family gave.  But, at the same time, I hate that she was able to pull off such a bogus wedding and benefit from it – although it’s not like she needed anyone to buy her anything.

What do you think?  Send them back?  Keep them?  Should the donation have gone to a different charity?

Talk amongst yourselves.