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Don’t go into the pumpkin patch…

Yes, another don’t do ___ with my husband post. This time it’s about poor innocent pumpkins and sweet Halloween children. The girls have waited a few days to paint and decorate their pumpkins. Jim helped them yesterday while I went to an appointment to be fingerprinted as a school volunteer.

He calls me on the phone and says “Anna come home right AWAY!”
I think panic, crisis, the end of days, he set the house on fire again (yes, he did it once already this year), or worse. “Whats the matter?”
“The girls won’t let me make scary pumpkins. I need you to go to the store and pick me up 3 pumpkins so I can have a massacre in front of our house.”
I hung up.

What did he do for our 2010 Halloween pumpkin decorations when left alone with the girls?


He helped Granuaile carve out this pretty face she drew. She didn’t want the guts removed because it was too much work.


He made Eilis clean it out herself. Something she wanted to do, and then not want to do after 5 minutes. But he kept her doing all the work and in the end she made a wonderful jack-o-lantern pumpkin. Congrats Eilis!


This is Jim’s pumpkin for me. It’s cute, sits on our steps, and just looks sweet.

Ghost Granuaile meets Mr. Malcolm

Granuaile’s Daisy Troop had an outing to the West Deptford Library this evening, where we went to story time with Mr. Malcolm!  We’ve never seen Mr. Malcolm before, but we’re totally in love!  He was awesome – he involved every kid in the audience in his show, he was animated and funny, he did voices (even British voices!), and then they served cookies and juice afterwards.

The highlight of Granuaile’s evening was when she got to be a ghost in one of the stories!  Watch!

Go see Mr. Malcolm this weekend at the Broadway Theater in Pitman in Frankenstein’s Birthday Party – he’s fabulous!


Granuaile steak and the grill

Granuaile asks every day “When is Daddy going to start cooking steak tonight?”   This is hardly a child who knows her Daddy is retired on disability and her Mom going back to school to supplement our changes in lifestyle – especially the upcoming loss off the wonderful health insurance we have had for 13 years through Microsoft.

She just knows five things about dinner:
Steak or anything else grilled means more play time outside
Pizza means Daddy is trying to set the house on fire AGAIN
Pasta means Daddy cooks on the stove (okay, it means Mommy cooks on the stove, but she lets Daddy stir the pasta so he doesn’t set the house on fire AGAIN)
Swooshee (or Sushi, for those of you who have yet to purchase your Rosetta Stone – Learn to Speak “Granuaile” version) is eaten on the living room floor
And the doorbell means the deliveryman is here so Daddy doesn’t set the house on fire AGAIN

How awesome to be a little kid again?

Dare devil or crazy ass?

I see many trips to the ER in my future with Granuaile. Right before this picture she was on that swing standing, swinging, singing to the birds and letting go and grabbing the swing ropes. Such a daredevil.

Or is the right word crazy ass?

Go Clean Your Room!

I am trying not to do the same thing with my younger children than I did with the oldest – which is, when she was young, I’d let her go play in another room, and I’d spend hours cleaning up the disaster in her bedroom. It was a lot of work then, very time consuming, and now, with two of them and many more activities going on, I don’t have time to dedicate to each room.

So I am constantly telling someone to go clean their room. But with these kids, you need to be more specific. Don’t give them generalizations like that – it’s too broad of an instruction. Instead, be very specific. Like go hang up your hangers.

That worked much better.

G: Mommy I know this dudes pho…

We are driving out of Wegman’s with out groceries and a black pickup, windows rolled down, playing Frank Sinatra pulls up next to us. Granuaile says “Mommy I know this dudes phone number”. I looked to see the number of the construction company written on the truck while she read it to us. Just too cute