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Charming Charlie – A New BFF for the New Year!

I am so starting this new year off right!  I’ve been a big fan of the chunky necklaces that match every outfit that you find at places like Coldwater Creek, but I’m nearly embarrassed to admit how much I’ve spent on the likes of these fabulously faux gems.  I’ve paid way too much for necklaces that only match one blouse or earrings that I can only wear on Leap Year day or something silly like that.

Today, Brighid and I hit the Deptford Mall to check out some of the sales and use some of her Christmas gift cards, and as we were walking the mall, we discovered it.  The mecca of bogus baubles!  Charming Charlie has accessories to outfit any, well, any outfit!  You’ll find handbags, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings bracelets, scarves, hats – anything you need to put that polished finish to any look, they have.  And they have it at such amazing prices!  Necklaces that I know I’ve paid upwards of $40 for (shhhh, don’t tell my husband), I saw almost identical twins of at Charming Charlie for only $15!  They had bridal style headbands, which I was looking at for my sister, for $12 and up – very similar to ones I saw online at bridal stores for more than $75!

The handbags are all fun and funky, and you’ll find a nice selection of wallets, some crazy socks, and gorgeous pashmina style wraps and scarves to match every outfit.

And I love that the store is arranged almost like a rainbow!  Everything is with it’s matching color scheme!  Pick out which outfit you want to match accessories to, and head right to that color!

I’ll be heading back there this week to coordinate some jewelry with the outfits I’m taking to Walt Disney World next weekend – and I’m sure I’ll be back many more times after that to dress up some of the other things in my closet that need refreshing.

Check the store locator on their website to see if there’s a Charming Charlie near you.  He’ll be your new BFF in 2012!