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Showing My Disney Side

No one loves to throw a party as much as I do.  Well, unless you consider my husband, who knows the house undergoes a thorough scrubbing in preparation for a party.  I guess, therefore, he loves to throw a party more than I do, since he doesn’t do any of the scrubbing but benefits from a clean house.

But I digress.


When I found out I was selected to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration, I thought it was the most fan-freaking-tastic way to combine my love of all things Disney and party planning!  I didn’t peek at anyone else’s posts to see what was in the box, so it was a complete surprise when the amazing celebration in a cardboard box showed up today!

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was this adorable overnight bag –



Even making me think about Walt Disney World or a Disney Cruise is enough reason for me to throw a party, but wait, there’s more!  In addition to some great Bingo games, RunDisney chEAR posters, ESPN Wide World of Sports bracelets and bumper stickers, instructions for face painting with a Disney flair, Disney trivia cards, a Disney vacation planning DVD, and recipes/activities, the box came with:

Boxes of HP Photo Cards, so we can capture the memories and share them with friends!
Adorable cookie cutters – or sandwich cutters – as the case may be!
An iPhone case
Yummy Craisins snack boxes!
Stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers!
Measuring cups from The Chew! Do you think Mario Batali packed these himself?
Mickey paper goods – napkins, plates, cups, cupcake wrappers, and decorations
Sweetie posters – how cute would these be as a Valentine gift?

I can’t wait to celebrate with some Disney friends!