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Celebrity Kid Pictures – Home Run or Foul Play?

As Halle Berry was traveling through LAX this week, she and her fiance Olivier Martinez got into an altercation with the paparazzi.  This is not Halle’s first trip to that rodeo, as she has enjoyed a screamfest or two in the past with photographers, trying to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood Hottie and her tiny charge.

So.  What’s the deal?

There are celebrities making enough money to buy small third world countries by selling photos of their children.  Celebrity parents frequently take children with them to red carpet events and movie premiers, putting them out there for the world to see.  I’m not saying Halle Berry did, and perhaps she has every right to be angry at photographers trying to invade the privacy of her daughter.  But how much privacy are these kids typically entitled to?

There are many celebrities who keep their kids under wraps – and I’m not talking about the real under wraps, like Michael Jackson did with his kids – but under wraps as in out of the public eye as much as possible.  Some celebrities don’t release information pertaining to their babies births – no name announcement or cutesy baby photos in the press.  Then you’ve got the Jolie-Pitt clan, who are out in public with their famous parents all the time.

Should the paparazzi be punished for taking photos of these children?  Should celebrities do more to protect their children from unwanted attention?


Bryce Dallas Howard, You Are My Hero

I cannot tell you how many times I have nearly tossed my cookies (literally, threw my Oreos at a TV screen) when I see a rail thin celebrity doing an interview about getting her body back after having a baby.  As a mom who is still struggling to lose the baby weight from my first baby (although she’s only 249 months old, so cut me some slack), it makes me feel so inadequate that in a matter of weeks after the birth of a baby, I’m not in a size 0 pair of jeans.

Thank you, Bryce Dallas Howard.

I know there are celebrity followers who are going to say something nasty about this girl, but I want to just hug her.  She has spent the four months since welcoming her beautiful baby girl being a mom.  There’s no trainer turning up on her doorstep at the crack of dawn to help her work out while her private chef is whipping up low fat, low calorie protein shakes, gourmet soups and salads, and other starve yourself thin foods to help her get back to her svelte self.  And I totally love her for that.

I don’t personally know Bryce Dallas Howard (although, Bryce, hit me up, honey, anytime), and she may very well be struggling on levels I completely understand, I so admire her for coming out and about in her brand new mommy body.  This is what most moms look like four months after giving birth.  We’re tired from being up all night feeding new babies, and we probably order more take away food than would normally be healthy, but our focus is on our babies, not our bodies.

Bryce, you are so gorgeous – at this size, and every other size.  I can’t tell you how much better you make me feel about wanting to spend those first precious months with my baby and not my fitness trainer.

And if the time comes that you want to lose weight FOR YOU, cash in.  If Jessica Simpson can get $2 million from Weight Watchers, see what Jenny will do to top that.