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F is for Funny – The Passing of John Pinette




Funny.  There is a huge range when it comes to what people consider funny, but for me, John Pinette was it.  He was a comedian I felt like I could let my girls enjoy, he poked more fun at himself than at others, and his comedy wasn’t pejorative or hurtful.  It was just funny.

Today, the cherubic face that contorted into the face of an angry Chinese restaurant owner or transformed into the face of Hairspray Mom Edna Turnblad rests in peace.  John was found passed away in a hotel in Pittsburgh, after suffering from liver and heart conditions.  He also battled addiction demons – but he battled them with fans in mind first, as he Tweeted his apologies for putting himself first as he sought treatment.

Funny.  John Pinette is the first celebrity to reach out to me through social media avenues – when I was still learning what social media avenues were.  He was gracious and kind, thanking me for following him and saying such nice things about him.  It’s where funny and classy merged together.

Of course there will still be laughter in the world, but in my world, at least for today, it will be silent.

Rest in peace, John.  Your humor and graciousness endeared you to so many, and you will be missed by us all.  You were, at least for me, the very definition of the word Funny, and the smiles in my life just became a bit fewer.


The Foot Bone’s Connected to The – Oh, You Don’t Need to Know THAT!

What kind of person gets an A in a class, then makes an appointment with the chair of the department, complains about the class and the teacher, and walks away disgruntled.  With an A.  I mean, who DOES that?

Oh, yeah, that would be me.

I’m back and forth with whether or not to mention the name of the professor who taught – or didn’t teach – my Anatomy and Physiology I class.  I’ve mentioned the names of other professors on my blog, but those are people who gained my respect for their dedication to the art of education.

But do you mention the name of the man who has nearly set my educational goals back by four months?

In the words of my favorite comedian, John Pinette, I say, “Nay nay.”

It serves no real purpose to mention the professor’s name here.  I’ve already posted my review among the other intellectually inspired reviews at www.ratemyprofessor.com – and I didn’t use the word “Dude”, “Dope”, nor the popular phrase “DA BOMB”.  My review should stand out from the crowd that way.

After spending a semester with this professor, learning how much his wife hates him, his son disappoints him, and his knee needed surgery long before summer session 1, I’m still amazed at how much I didn’t learn.  Power Point presentations were displayed in a manner that even those students who HAD completed the Evelyn Woods speed reading class would have had a hard time keeping up, and more than half of the Power Point slides were deemed to be things we didn’t need to know.

If one day in the future, you’re sick, and the only nurse around is me, you may want to limit your aches and pains ONLY to the Power Point slides I actually got to see.  And if you’re ever browsing Rate My Professor to check out an instructor before taking a class, don’t put too much weight on the “red hot chili pepper” status.  I think some professors give that to themselves…..