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Macy’s clothes shopping

Tip number one about going clothes shopping?  Make sure you are wearing the appropriate undergarments so everything doesn’t have panty line.  I went in wearing a baggy, broomstick skirt (you know, the kind I’m trying to ease out of), and you can’t see any panty line under that.  Not so the fitted skirts I tried on.

This was the only one I marginally liked, but honestly, I didn’t see that many “casual” type of skirts in Macy’s today.  Most of them were career oriented, business like skirts for people that have a Jay Oh Bee – which is not me.  I just want to look good when I get dressed in the morning, not look like I’m out to conquer corporate America.

Shopping is way too frustrating for me.  I found very few things I liked.  This blouse I LOVED, but they only had it in a 4 and a 16.  I tried to convince Jim to stop for a banana split on the way out so I could get the size 16, but he wasn’t hearing any of it.


Then I found a few cute skirts in the Michael Kors section.  Cute, but I’m not in love, and if I’m going to pay Michael Kors prices so the man finally has enough money to buy himself some new duds (is anyone else tired of the black on black look he’s had going for, like, EVER??), I want to get engaged to this skirt.

Oh wait – a rack of black denim – I can wear black denim!

WHAT?  Black denim for $100 a pop?  Have these people no shame?  I am destined to be a People of WalMart forever.

So the end result of today’s journey out to the mall is that I came home with some autumn scented soap for the bathrooms and the kitchen.  And a latte.

It wasn’t a total loss.

Don’t Go To the Cosmetics Counter – With My Husband

Today, before I had to pick the kids up from school, I wanted to run into the mall and pick up a couple of new bras.  The ones I have aren’t working with my repositioned “girls”, and I wanted to get something more comfortable than what I’m wearing.  Oh, and I needed a new mascara.  That’s five minutes at the Lancome counter for a Definicils mascara in black, then off to get undergarments.

Except I took Jim with me.  The fabulous lady at Lancome asked what I needed, and I said, “Definicils in black, please.”  Then Jim said, “Don’t you need something else?” to me, then to Rose, the person at Lancome, he said, “She probably needs some of everything, do you want her to sit down?”

This isn’t going anywhere good.  I have kids to pick up in an hour and a half, and it will take me that long to realize that they don’t make a bra in any store in the mall that is going to be comfortable beyond a doubt.  And now Rose wants to do a makeover.

But, my typical method of purchasing makeup has been to just walk up to the counter with my list, let them fill it, and move on.  Maybe I need a makeover.

Rose told me I had great skin, which is always nice to hear, especially when you’re old.  I made the comment that I don’t buy Lancome moisturizer, because it’s too heavy, and she tells me that she doesn’t work for Macy’s, she actually works for Lancome, and the moisturizer they’ve been trying to sell me is not what I need.  She uses the product that she thinks will work better.  I LOVE it.

She takes the time to teach me a few techniques that I can use not only with my favorite eye shadows, but also with the ones I don’t love that I got for Christmas last year to blend them in and make them less bold.

I was really happy with the things she did – I don’t think you can see a dramatic difference in the way I do my makeup myself, but there were definitely subtle differences that I could see and I liked.  You be the judge –


Oh – and the best part about a makeover at the makeup counter as opposed to grabbing your stuff at the drugstore – the free samples!  It wasn’t a free gift day today, but Rose gave me a cutie bag with a bunch of free stuff.

The Silver Boxes Were Not Free

Bras?  Yeah, I didn’t have time.  I barely made it to school in time to pick the kids up.  But I was the best made over mom there!