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Pegasus Landing at UCF – the Mold Plot Thickens

About three weeks ago, they removed mold from the area around Brighid’s bedroom window, promising to come back when the area was dry to pain it with a special paint that would inhibit the growth of additional mold.  They have never come back to paint.

I phoned the front office yesterday to ask for copies of all of the work orders from Brighid’s apartment, from the time they were first residents there.  The office told me I needed to speak with maintenance, and they promptly forwarded my phone call. 

The woman in maintenance answered the phone, and I told her what I was looking for.  She told me she could help me with that, and she asked if I could give her the building number.  When she was supplied with the building number she replied,

“Oh, I can’t help you with that.  All of the maintenance records for that building have been removed from the maintenance department, along with records from another building.”

What? Why? Who does this? And why only two buildings?

She told me in order to find out whether or not these records can be released to me, I have to contact property management on Monday.

So, Megan Edwards at 407-362-5190, please expect another phone call from me bright and early tomorrow morning.  Whatever Pegasus Landing and the University of Central Florida thinks they can hide, I am determined to find.