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Symptoms of Mold Poisoning

Because you were wondering, I’m sure, just what my child was exposed to.  Over the course of this school year, my daughter has developed five of these symptoms on a fairly regular basis during her stay at Pegasus Landing Apartments, affiliated University of Central Florida housing.

 (This is not Brighid’s apartment – just a photo of what black mold can do)

The following is taken from www.allergyescape.com

Symptoms of Toxic Mold Syndrome

The mycotoxins produced by toxic mold create environmentally toxic air that affects the body’s myelin, depleting this important substance that covers the nerves. The nerves are thus exposed without protection and fail to function correctly. This affects essential components of the body, including: the immune system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, the skin, and the gastrointestinal system. When toxic mold causes neurological problems, it can be devasting when children are involved, since their brains and other organs are not fully developed.

Symptoms of mold poisoning and toxic mold exposure include:

• memory loss


• anxiety


• personality disorders


• nosebleeds


• shortness of breath


• abdominal pain


• hair loss


• skin rashes


• fatigue


• numbness in extremities


• headaches


• mood swings


• pain in the extremities


• cough


• sore throat


• rectal bleeding


• tremors


• fibromyalgia

Other symptoms of toxic mold include: destruction of brain tissue, open skin sores, fungal infections, lung diseases such as Aspergilliosis), and chronic sinus problems.

Pegasus Landing Apartments at UCF – As The Mold Grows…

It’s like a soap opera, isn’t it?  I know you are tuning in today to catch the latest in the lingering saga.  The bad part about this soap opera is no one gets to see Ryan (Cameron Mathison) shirt-less. 

When we last saw our heroine, Mom, (although we can’t really call her a heroine, since we know what she’s trying to do is save Mom reputation by fixing what should have been taken care of all along) she was taking on the Property Management regarding obtaining copies of the work orders for Brighid’s apartment. 

After two phone messages left today at 10:30 this morning, I finally got a call back just before 5 o’clock this evening from Megan Edwards, the property manager for Pegasus Landing.  If you are having a problem with your apartment in Pegasus Landing, you can call Megan at 407-362-5190.  Don’t bother calling Jay Peters (every time I write that name, I think of Seinfeld), because the number of have for him – 407-362-5055 – just goes to voice mail, and he hasn’t called me back.

Megan tells me that the work orders for Brighid’s building are out at the property owner’s office being scanned.  Normally, these work orders are not released to people making requests, but under the circumstances, she is going to see if she can get them for me.  She will make a call on my behalf to the owners of the Pegasus Landing Property tomorrow to see if they will allow her to send them to me.

Then I asked about the mold that was removed from Brighid’s room.  Brighid was told that someone would be back to paint a mold resistant paint where the mold was removed.  Megan doesn’t know anything at all about that.  If mold was removed from Brighid’s room (IF??  WTH?), it was done by “the hygienist”, and not Pegasus Landing maintenance.  Therefore, if it needed to be painted, “the hygienist” would have had to order the painting to be done, and she doesn’t think there is a work order in at Pegasus Landing for mold resistant paint in Brighid’s room.

In the meantime, all of the Resident Aides living in the apartments were removed by UCF due to health concerns.  Well, who’s going to remove the rest of these kids?

We spoke with our family doctor, who concurs that Brighid should NOT be permitted to return to this unit.  She is coming home until she has to go to Disney on May 19th.  She has a follow up appointment to her ER visit, where she was diagnosed with severe sinusitis, on Thursday.

Tune in tomorrow for the next chapter.  Perhaps we’ll see Dr. David Hayward revive the reputation of Pegasus Landing apartments, or we will learn that the perennial Goody Two Shoes of our story – the University of Central Florida – is not as pure and innocent as we all hoped.  Who knows what evil lurks….