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You Want Me To Go Where And Do What When?

Here is my Fall 2010 Mom going back to school class schedule.  My husband thought I needed to know where I was on what days and how much of my life was being consumed.  As if I didn’t already know.

I think I feel much worse knowing that I can only pee every other Thursday between 2:12 AM and 2:14 AM.

Did we put “Feed the Mom” on this schedule anywhere?  I should be looking good by beach season, because I don’t see food addressed anywhere on these charts…

Version 1 – College Algebra, otherwise known as Pre-Calculus

Now we come to Version 2 – Add Nutrition, Computers and Psychology. All being taken on campus. Don’t they let you take courses online these days?

Then we move to Version 3 – Move Computers and Psychology to online courses.  Apparently they DO have online courses. I haven’t been able to change the Nutrition class to an online version. Next stop, an in-person trip to the Registrars office.

Version 4 – Move Nutrition to an online course. Now this week, after a trip to the Registrars office in person, I can change to an online course. I had to go in person to change to an online course because I couldn’t change to an online course online. Make sense?

When Moms Get Sick

I’ve been fighting off a cold for about a week.  Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d rather be knocked on my butt sick than catch a cold.  Because a cold is just a cold, and you should be able to function.  Right?


So last night the sinus pain got to the point where I needed to take something.  Because my snuffly nose has kept me up the past few nights, I opted for a NyQuil, knowing that NyQuil for me is not a good thing.  It makes me SOOOOO tired.

On the plus side, I slept until 8:30 this morning.  I NEVER sleep until 8:30 in the morning.  On the negative side, I woke up exhausted.  I got the kids some breakfast, managed to get myself dressed – in clothes that matched, but weren’t winning any beauty pageants.  I was supposed to go shopping with my friend Sandi, and was secretly thrilled when she suggested tomorrow instead 🙂  I went to Starbucks to get my coffee (I said I was sick, not dying), then went to WalMart for one thing (I don’t remember what that one thing was, but I spent over $200 and I’m certain I came home without that one thing).

And when I got home, I crashed.  I put my head down on the sofa for just a minute, and the next thing I knew, it was 4:30 in the afternoon!

And I still feel tired.

I’m getting ready to head up to bed – freshly made by my marvelous husband, who did laundry today while I slept.

Because the daily grind starts again tomorrow.  And it’s only a cold, so I should be able to function.