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J is for Jelly – a-to-z blog challenge

A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cJMy family has some weird food tendencies.  The first weird food thing I can remember was my sister, Bean, who would skip tomato sauce on her pasta in favor of Russian dressing – which she also put on steak.  Blech.

Then there was Brighid, who for the first nine years of school took a peanut butter sandwich – no jelly – for lunch.  She wouldn’t eat lunch meat, and claimed a thermos didn’t keep things hot enough to eat by lunch time.  I thought her teachers would think I was a crummy parent, so one day I decided to switch it up and send her with cream cheese on crackers as her lunch.  She ate that for snack and then had chips and an apple for lunch.  Mother of the year went to someone else that year.

Eilis doesn’t like soup – unless it’s smokey portobello from Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.


Granuaile doesn’t eat potatoes, unless they are mashed.  No, you cannot bake them, take the “potato” out of the skin, and mash it – apparently, it tastes like dog turd sprinkled with used cat litter that way.


But the weirdest food phenomena in my house is Jim and his jelly.  He has eaten jelly omelettes (not in my house, because I can’t make an omelette).  He likes his toast with butter and jelly.  And while we’re on the subject of butter – he puts butter and cream cheese on his bagels.

I’m not immune to flavor oddities – I like pretzels with my ice cream; cream cheese with my potato chips; and raisin gravy on ham (even though I hate raisins in every other way imaginable).

And I despise jelly.  Except on peanut butter.  But it has to be on the opposite side of the bread and spread thinly with the back of a spoon.

What are your weird food favorites?