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N is for Nephrology – a-to-z blog challenge

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Nephrology is the study of diseases of the kidney. There are lots of diseases of the kidney. I happen to be the recipient of one chronic kidney condition that truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

I have chronic kidney stones. Some people are great at many things. It turns out, I am great at one – making really awesome, amazingly sized, freaks of nature kidney stones.

This, as you may imagine, is not fun. Believe it or not, I can tolerate the pain for the most part. It’s the messing with my ability to pee that irks me.


I don’t have time to go at whim, so it’s important that I maintain an ability to “hold it”. Kidney stones impede that ability. Most of the time, I am timing a potty break before a kitchen timer beeps, a school bell rings, or I have to be out the door to go somewhere. When I sit, I expect the few seconds of inconvenience on my way to where I am destined to be. Kidney stones have made it so that I’m not quite sure I’m finished when I think I’m finished.

Believe me, I know, with the possibilities of other medical conditions I could be afflicted with, this is minor among them. And I am grateful this is what I have to put up with compared with others.

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But allow an old broad a few minutes to moan.