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Walt Disney World Gender Reveal


He or She

Remember gender reveals back in the day? Mom is in labor, and several hours later, a certified medical professional yelled out in the delivery room, “It’s a ….!”? Well gender reveals have come a long way. With Promposals, engagement ring scavenger hunts, and pop up weddings, it’s no wonder people are looking for new and unique ways to announce the gender of their baby to be. If a babymoon is in your plans (oh yeah, that’s a thing now, too), why not do your Gender Reveal at Walt Disney World?

Who Does What?

A gender reveal at Walt Disney World doesn’t have to be something the parents already know. You can enlist the help of cast members, characters, or even other theme park guests. If the gender reveal at Disney World is a surprise for mom and dad, the planning begins at home. Have your doctor put the gender of your baby-to-be in an envelope. Then, keep the envelope sealed until the perfect time!

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You can plan who you may want to enlist to help you once you get to the parks. Maybe give the envelope to a waiter, who can plate it with dessert. Ask a Photopass Photographer to open the reveal envelope while taking your picture in front of Cinderella Castle during the Happily Ever After fireworks display. If it’s written big enough, he can catch it in a photo, but if not, he can certainly capture your reaction to finding out if you’re adding a Mickey or a Minnie to your family.

I even know of a couple who enlisted the help of a theme park guest. They handed the friendly stranger the envelope with the gender information, then gave them the money to purchase a baby outfit in either blue or pink. The couple then opened the bag in front of a Photopass Photographer to find out the gender of baby to be!

Gender Reveal
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When Mom and Dad Are in the Know

If the gender is already known by the parents, you have other options. You won’t need to grab help, and if plans change, you can be more flexible. You may want to make larger signage at home that you can use on camera. Take some time to plan a perfect place, think about what characters might be appropriate to help you share the news, or even arrange for a professional photography session. That will give you a professional camera operator and some of the most beautiful backdrops at Walt Disney World.

Great Ideas if Mom and Dad Know

Disney baby clothes are super cute. You’ll find gender specific clothing in many of the shops throughout Walt Disney World. Your gender reveal might involve purchasing a boy or girl baby outfit. Hold it up to Mommy’s baby bump, and caption a picture with It’s a Boy or It’s a Girl! You could also stand next to a character and have them hold a tiny pink or blue onesie or a handcrafted sign revealing your big news.

Another great option is the famous Mickey ears. You can have them embroidered with the name you’ve already chosen, if you know it and want to share. On the other hand, you can just have Boy or Girl embroidered on the baby sized ears. Also available are pink or blue baby mouse ears, and they work perfectly!

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Bautista

A Disneyland Gender Reveal Photo

I have also seen parents to be with Disney balloons – Mickey heads for boys, princesses for girls. Also available are the clear balloons with the brightly colored Mickey ears inside. You might find the color you need in one of those.

Some couples make a garland to string across themselves and a character, others grab tiny baby shoes in pink or blue and place them at various spots around Walt Disney World and make a photo collage to announce the baby’s gender. One of the cutest photos I’ve seen is one on Main Street, USA, with Cinderella Castle behind them, and the parents blowing pink “pixie dust” into the air. I get teary just remembering it!

Pixie Dust

There are stuffed animals in pink and blue, or just use a Mickey or Minnie to let the secret out. Something else fun to do is to have a Cast Member write on a pin that says you are celebrating your baby boy or girl, then take a picture of the pin.

In the word’s of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”, and a gender reveal at Walt Disney World is one of the most magical ways to share the happiest news you ever get to share!