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Family Christmas Card 2014 Pictures – the Blooper Reel

Every year, for the Family Christmas Card, I come up with great ideas for the theme of our pictures, and then the kids veto those ideas.  I come up with some more great ideas for even better themes for our Christmas pictures, and then the kids veto those ideas.  Eventually, we come to the happy medium where I tell them they will not be fed until I have family Christmas card photos in a theme that makes me happy.

Normally, you only get to see the polished, finished product – and that’s when I find time to actually address and send the cards after I make them.  But after today’s photo shoot, I thought I’d share my blooper reel with you – the photos my kids would rather you didn’t see, because then you’d be all like, “Oh yeah, I totally see why that woman isn’t right in the head sometimes.”

So here they are – my bad and my ugly.  Stay tuned for the Family Christmas Card 2014 for the good.  I hope.


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Family holiday portraits

Skamarakas and Zemitis 1920's family gathering 2nd and Fernon South Philly Philadelphia, PA

The Skamarakas Family

Speaking of family portraits – now is the time to get them lined up.  I always hate having them taken, but I love having them to look back on through the years.

Make sure you clearly mark them in some way so you’ll always know who’s in them!  I have no idea who is in the above photo, except that one of the children is Jim’s father.

This year gather up the kids, grandparents and Cousin Zeek and get a holiday family portrait taken. You will remember the love long after you forget the frustration

Skamarakas Family portrait December 2002

Its Jim’s idea whenever you see us all dressed alike.

Skamarakas family portrait 2008

I had obviously lost weight to allow not only my photo to be taken at all, but to be taken wearing white!!