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Pop Culture vs. Princess – Is this Part of What’s Wrong with America?

What, you may ask, do maternity clothes have to do with culture?  Maybe nothing.  But when you combine pregnancy with celebrity, it becomes part of our culture – part of what people know us for.

So let me share two photos with you.  Both are pregnant celebrities, about the same age, babies due about the same time.

Believe me, with three baby bumps of my own that had to be outfitted for work, weekends, and special events, it’s not always easy to look your best, with things you didn’t know you had bulging in places you didn’t know existed.  And I know how expensive maternity clothes can be.

But we’re talking Kardashian franchise here.  Doesn’t she have people?  Consultants?  Fashion gurus?  A mirror?

Compared to Princess Kate, the really beautiful Kim Kardashian looks like the poster child for the people of Walmart website.  She’s squeezed too tightly into a dress that doesn’t fit properly with her, ummm, assets looking as though they might blow this joint with one good sneeze.

There’s a time and a place for the Hooker Fabulous look.  Maybe during your pregnancy, you want to try to class things up a bit??