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Don’t go to the rainforest with my husband

Are you detecting a pattern in these posts?

My husband, the Michael Crichton-ist environmentalist will call and hoot and holler and have them revive Alexander Graham Bell from the dead to come to our house, to have the Yellow Pages people pick up the phone book their companies threw on our lawn and haul it away.  He will spend hours on the phone calling companies from whom we have received junk mail to tell them never to send it again and accuse them of being a drain on natural resources.

Quite the granola crunching, tree hugging, environmentally conscious creature, no?

The other day, Monday, October 18th, 2010, I left him alone in the car while I went into class. His sole purpose for even going to school with me is so I don’t have to park four miles away with the lack of available parking.  As he waits, he listens to Radio Times. And poor Marty Moss-Coane happens to have on

Peter Raven

Stuart Pimm

From WHYY – this is what the show was about…
Did you know that the UN declared 2010 the year of biodiversity to draw attention to the rapid rate in which species are disappearing from the planet?  And today, officials from around the world are gathered in Japan at a UN summit on biodiversity to talk about the loss of biodiversity in the world – experts say that one-third of amphibians and one-fifth of mammal and planet species are threatened with extinction.  This hour, Marty talks with two of the world’s preeminent conservation biologists about why biodiversity matters and how to halt species extinction.  Our guests are PETER RAVEN, a botanist and President Emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden, and STUART PIMM, a conservation ecologist at Duke University.

What is Rainforest Crunch Ice Cream?

Ben & Jerry’s began producing Rainforest Crunch in 1989, after co-founder Ben Cohen met with Jason Clay, who was then directing a nonprofit Cambridge, Mass. outfit called Cultural Survival Inc. At a Grateful Dead benefit concert for the rainforest, Clay made the pitch that, by helping poor rainforest people derive economic benefit from the harvesting of rainforest products, nut purchases could combat both poverty and the clear-cutting of rainforests for very profitable timber sales.

What do Rainforest Crunch ice cream; two well respected experts on bio-diversity, and my husband have to do with each other?

My husband called into the radio program, and in one short question – which was in effect “Don’t we already own all the Rainforests after buying all that ice cream?” caused the two experts to verbally stumble over each other in their race to derail the train of thought my husband was barreling down.

In case you want to hear him nearly cause a train wreck…


The fun happens around minute 34 of the podcast. They were so not prepared to deal with my husband.  They haven’t had the years of training that I’ve had.

And at the end, their attempt to laugh off his question once they have their composure only goes to prove what that lady from South Park said the other week: “No matter how rude you are to someone from New Jersey they will convence themselves that you really do like them”

Why did I marry a Jersey boy?