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Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

Easy to do
Easy to do
Mom Made Invitations

Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s just goes hand in hand for a bridal shower theme.  My daughter, who has always admired Audrey Hepburn and loves the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s got engaged last year, and as mom to not only the bride but the maid of honor and one of the bridesmaids, I was excited to help plan the shower using this theme.

We set to work on Pinterest.  The boards for an Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed shower are numerous, but after looking at so many, the ideas all seemed to repeat themselves.  The decorations are abundantly Tiffany blue (or some reasonable facsimile, because no one but Tiffany’s and God know what the heck color Tiffany blue really is), and I was surprised that so many bridal showers used balloons as centerpieces.  With the help of my great friend Joy, we were able to create beautiful and reasonably priced tablescapes that should give a more elegant, grown up feel to our shower.

Centerpieces had to be simple, elegant, classic. When you think of Audrey Hepburn, you don’t think outrageous in any sense.  We opted for white flowers, and to be perfectly honest, we went to several craft stores before finding our simple beauties on sale for under $2 a stem.  The base is a yard sale find, painted with Mod Podge, and glittered to give the table some sparkle.  Green styrofoam balls were easily cut in half with a sharp kitchen knife, and the blossoms were cut using wire cutters, and poked into the half styrofoam ball.  The half ball was then glued to the top of the yard sale dishes.  Voila!

easy peasy
Yard sale find, inexpensive craft store silk florals, and glitter

My  favorite thing was our Tiffany ring boxes we made to be used as centerpieces or decoration for the gift or cake table.  Using Papier Mache boxes found at the craft store (and bought on sale), we painted them first with a sealer, which is meant to keep the papier mache from buckling.  When the coat of sealer was dry, we painted over it with another variation of the Tiffany blue color.  This took two coats to fully cover, and you could do a third if you missed a few spots.  We created a false bottom using a styrofoam brick, then covered a piece of cardboard – cut to fit the box – with tin foil (yep, right outta the kitchen drawer).  We topped the cardboard with various size diamond “confetti” – found easily online.  A flat, white bow was added to the box, and a personalized stamp created the finishing touch of the stamped logo!

papier mache
Tiffany like boxes

On some tables, we created a blinged out cylinder vase by coating the bottom half of the vase with Mod Podge (or spray adhesive – which worked better on our later attempts) and rolling it in iridescent glitter.  We learned that finer glitter is better, but the glitter we used was an average sized cut, and it looks just fine,  When the glitter had dried, a black satin ribbon was glued around it using hot glue, and we embellished with a craft store gem.  The day of, we intend to light faerie lights inside of them, and top them with the same white floral arrangement that we used on the shorter yard sale find glasses.  The vases were less than $3 each.

ModPodge and glitter
Easy and inexpensive blinged out vases

My friend Joy, who has a wall hanging in her home of their family’s last name initial, suggested this unique guest book.  We painted a T in the who the hell knows if it’s Tiffany blue color.  It will be displayed at the shower with a marker for guests to sign.  Total cost for this little couponed gem? $8.  Best part?  Even if some shade of Tiffany blue doesn’t feature in the couple’s ultimate decor, it goes with black, grey, brown, and most of the neutral palette, so they’ll be able to hang it somewhere in their home or apartment.

Mrs T
Great alternative to a guest book

One of the bridesmaids found these adorable little Tiffany blue-like boxes at the craft store, and picked them up to use for favors.  I already had vase sized martini glasses (don’t judge), and I snagged a $1 silver charger (it’s heavy plastic with a silver paint on top).  Bulk white mardi gras beads act as fringe, and these will be used to put our favors on!

cheap and easy
Favor display

Each table will also have smaller votive holder to just add glow to the glittery, glitzy decor.  These aren’t the ones we made, but ours look exactly like these, and they will perfectly compliment the taller glittered vases.

Pinterest find
Our inspiration for our votive holders

I couldn’t help but pick up these I give up  already with this Tiffany blue bags!  We will have them at the tables for guests to put their favors in – and maybe a few other surprises we have in store!

perfect favor bag option
Favor bags for the bride to be!

I wish I could convey how much I LOVE this piece my friend Joy created.  She found a jewelry mannequin at a yard sale that looked something like this when she started:

jewelry mannequin
The Before

We picked up some fabric paint, and ours, fortunately, already had the jewel on it, and Joy worked her magic and made this as Audrey Hepburn as she could.

Joy worked her magic

These are not identical pieces, but the one on top is the same fabric the one on the bottom was sporting before Joy got her hands on this.  We intend to use this to hang tags, which guests will write to attach to their gifts.  We have opted for a display shower, so the gifts will be unwrapped, saving the environment and allowing the bride extra time with her guests.

Great idea
Tag Holder

Overall, decor for this party is easy to create for very little money.  With yard sale finds, craft store sales, and a friend who is excellent with coupons and rain checks, we have been able to put together some really pretty tablescapes that reflect more of the classic elegance of Audrey Hepburn in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s days and less of the Sweet 16 birthday party.

Let’s hope the bride loves it!

Classic Audrey in cartoon form
Classic Audrey in cartoon form