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Disney Social Media Moms – On The Road in Philadelphia

1393513_10152138253778297_5151995707477833798_nYesterday, I attended my very first Disney Social Media Moms Conference.  What an awesome way to be baptized in the “real” social media community! Pixie Dust, Pin Trading, Practically Perfect in Every Way!

The atmosphere was really like a celebration – fun balloon bouquets, table centerpieces that were adorable and social media geek-tastic, and the most amazing goody bags ever assembled.

CenterpieceThe morning was set to begin early, with registration starting around 7:45ish.  Because I live about 45 minutes away, and traffic at that time of day is a total crap shoot, I stayed the night before at the Crowne Plaza hotel in King of Prussia, where the conference was being held.  So glad I did!  We had terrible storms overnight the night before, and some of the local roads by my house were still pretty bad from the weather.  I rolled out of bed about 6 AM, and headed to the lobby at 7 AM to see that people were already beginning to arrive!

Not long after, the crowd had gathered to check in.  There were Disneybounders, moms in mouse ears, moms in Maleficent ears (ears? horns? what the heck are they?), and moms sporting Disney Veras and Dooneys – everyone was showing their Disney Side somewhere.  For as close as the quarters got, everyone was so chatty and friendly!

Registration Waiting

There was time once inside to admire the decorations, meet some new people, and try to snag a FastPass+ to meet Gary Buchanan – Disney’s Social Media savant (there were none available, but I waited in the line, which I’m pretty sure was double the wait to see Anna and Elsa at the Magic Kingdom).  I got to meet people I had only met online, and quite a few Disney Parks Moms Panel fans came over to say hello.

Jedi Duck The conference speakers gave awesome tips on making the most of your mobile phone by using it for video, making sure you tell a story, and even being the best you that you can be.  The most powerful message, however, came from Maria Bailey of BSM Media and Mom Talk Radio.  She encouraged us to look our children in the whites of their eyes when we speak to them, and I have to admit, as a mom who works, goes to school, and manages a house, I’m usually talking to my kids while doing something (okay, a few somethings) else.  We need to take that time, connect with them, let them know we are there, present, and attending to them.  These, after all, are the greatest thing we will ever create – no matter how creative we are.  Love this message.

For a first experience, this was a great start.  It wasn’t so overwhelming that I felt out of my element, but there was some great content and there were some awesome people.  So glad I received this invitation, and I hope I get to do it all over again next time!

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Walt Disney World Moms Panel “Rejects”? I Don’t Think So!

It’s that time of year again.  People I know, respect, and love have applied to be members of an elite group of Walt Disney World experts.  We are the pink wearing, park loving, question answering team of Walt Disney World Moms Panel moms.  We don’t work for Walt Disney World (we are independent contractors, with our own opinions that do not necessarily reflect those of WDW), but we were all, at some point in the past four years, chosen by Walt Disney World to answer questions to people who are planning Walt Disney World vacations.


Each year, it seems that I meet more and more people who are anxious to proudly don the bright pink polo that us Moms love to hate.  They ask for my opinion on what it might take for them to join the special forces of the Moms Panel – like what should they say – or not say – when they answer their essays?  Should they go to the Moms Panel meet and greet, dress flamboyantly, wave a banner that flashes in neon lights “Pick Me!!”?  Should they sell their soul, brush up on Disney trivia, or switch teams and start going to Universal Studios?

And this is the day each year that I dread.  As excited as I am for those people I know and love to move on to Round 2, I am so sad for the people I know and love who are not moving on.  I’ve gotten a couple of private messages from people wanting to know why they’re such rejects.  Rejects?  Are you serious?

These are the people I have learned from.  They are the DisBoard members who answer every question with such helpful expertise, you’d think they were Walt Disney World cast members.  They are the bloggers who dedicate considerable time and great effort posting the latest news and special reports from Disney.   They are podcasters that I tune into to make sure I’m on top of my game when it comes to information and advice about Disney. 

Rejects? No.  They are the REASON.  They are the reason there is a Moms’ Panel.  They helped open up the doors on the social media world so that Disney could walk in, step up, and start this awesome panel.

Don’t be disappointed.  Don’t think you did something wrong, wrote something wrong, shook a wrong hand at a meet and greet.  Just know that you spread Disney happiness in a way that the Moms’ Panel aspired to do.  The brand of pixie dust you sprinkle may not be the official, WDW sanctioned variety, but it is no less magical.

I hope we are living up to the legacy you have all established.