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Protection from the TSA Full Body Scan

You may laugh at this, thinking that I’m not serious, because, really, am I ever serious?  But this is serious.

I admit, I’m a little creeped out by the full body scan at the airport.  Not being a Victoria’s Secret Model or a Playboy Playmate, I’m not used to showing my junk to just any old body, and the images I’ve seen of the full body scan seem a little, well, personal.  I am all for protecting our safety, and I think if given the option of the full body scan or the pat down, I’m willing to risk radiation poisoning for not having hands all up in my personal space.

But maybe this is something to help preserve the privacy of all of our junk.

A company called Rocky Flats Gear has come out with drawers that will keep your private parts tucked safely inside of your unmentionables.  That’s right – we’ve gone back to a fig leaf to protect our dignity.  These are lead free, radiation protecting undergarments – made for men, women, and children – that you can wear when you travel to protect your family not only from radiation exposure of the full body scan, but also to help those bashful about your bits being out there.

This is what the TSA will see when they scan you.  Or what your radiologist will see if you have to go for x-rays for something.

I’m not so sure this is a bad idea.  I just can’t think of why it’s a good one.

Check out Rocky Flats Gear for yourself and let me know what you think.


Frugal Christmas – A Gift For Your Favorite Traveler

We’ve got rules now, people!  No longer can I pack up half of my bathroom – the soap, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, moisturizer and makeup – and pack it all into my carry on luggage to head off on vacation.  Everything has to be small – under three ounces – and it all has to fit in ONE zip top baggie.

If you’ve ever traveled – even just going away for a weekend once a year – you know that the smaller sizes of toiletries don’t last very long.  So if you have a traveler on your holiday gift list, this is the perfect gift for them!

You may collect the soaps and lotions that they give you for free at your hotel when you travel.  We did for a long time to send to my brother-in-law when he was in Iraq.  At one point, I ended up with some spares that weren’t really enough to send.  Wondering what I could do with the few extras I had, I decided to make a small gift for some friends I knew that would be headed to Disney World!  It was an almost entirely free gift, except for the Dollar Store makeup pouch I used as my “basket”, but you can recreate it very inexpensively even if you don’t have access to hotel freebies.

Head to your drug store, Target, or WalMart, and you are likely to find a small section where they sell small size toiletry items.  You’ll find toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, shaving cream – pretty much anything you would need to take with you on vacation.  Many of these items are under $1.00 in price.  Theme your colors or your packaging to your traveler’s destination.  If you know they are going to Disney World, for example, pick up a red or black makeup pouch or a black Chinese take away container with some red tissue paper.  Is a tropical destination in the offing?  How about snagging some Garnier Fructis products, which are in lime green bottles, and nesting them in a small plastic basket in bright orange.

You can easily assemble a gift that is under $10 – even cheaper if you use your hotel freebies!  It’s useful, looks beautiful, and you can easily adapt it to an adult, a teenager, a child, or even a baby!