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Children’s Claritin Saves the (Play Date) Day!

Claritin-Mom-Crew As a recently chosen member of the #ClaritinMomCrew, I was super excited to be asked to host a play date where I would have the opportunity to share my “I’m not worthy” adoration of Children’s Claritin.  My youngest daughter has allergies to, well, life in general, and there are many times where Children’s Claritin has made it possible for us to have a good time outside. Because of Granuaile’s allergies, playing outside among the grass and trees for an extended period of time can become problematic, so I organized our play date to have some outdoor components and then a fun indoor activity.  My kids love to see the results of their own garden, but weeding and maintaining a large outdoor garden is tough for kids with allergies.  Our play date solution?  Container gardening! Our garden begins with canvas over the door shoe organizers.  The kids were able to choose from a selection of vegetables, flowers, and herbs to plant in the organizer.  Everyone got to get a little bit dirty, as we filled the pockets with soil, and then the kids labeled their pockets in the organizer with their names and the type of plant they were planting.  Not only was this a fun activity to see the kids working together to build this garden, but not having to sit in the grass or worry about churning up allergens made it a great activity for kids with multiple outdoor allergies! Bq76bRQCIAAD7Pq Even container gardening helps work up an appetite, so for the next fun activity, we built our own pizzas!  Using store bought pizza crust, homemade sauce, and a variety of toppings, the kids had fun choosing their favorite pizza flavors and then tasting each other’s creations when they were done!  There were some YUMMY pizzas! Claritin Mom Playdate 2  Claritin Mom Playdate A long day of gardening and slaving over a hot stove nearly done, the kids all hopped into their bathing suits for a bit of hot tub relaxation.  I always turn the temperature in the tub down to 95 degrees for kids, and it was just the right temperature to play in the bubbles and do lots of giggling. Everyone went home with a Claritin goody bag, filled with coupons for a purchase of Children’s Claritin, which really made this whole day possible, plus note pads, tissues, hand sanitizer, and water bottles.  As the garden grows, we’ll bring the children the things they planted to they can enjoy the “fruits of their labor”! It was great to share ideas with other moms of allergy sufferers and to see the kids enjoying themselves despite some serious allergies in the group!  We’re going to do this more often!

Claritin Mom Playdate 4

*Claritin has provided me with some of the items as a member of the Claritin Mom Crew to share with my friends and blog readers.

Moving on Up – Our First Shot at Vertical Gardening

If you’ve never heard of vertical gardening, two things are clear – you’ve never lived in a small space with little or no yard, and you’ve never done The Land boat ride at EPCOT.  Originally, vertical gardening was done out of necessity – with no real property on which to plant a proper garden, geniuses with green thumbs opted for containers that could somehow be stacked or hung, taking up minimal space for maximum produce.  We did it out of pure lazy.  Plus, it turned a blank wall into something almost artistic!


We’ve done traditional gardens before, and our first year in this house, we planted a huge bed in our backyard.  After battling bunnies and squirrels, neighbor’s cats and kids, we gave up.  It was so much work for so little return.  Discovering vertical gardening not only minimizes the risk of half the residents of the Enchanted Forest chowing down on your salad before you pick it, but it’s MUCH easier to plant!


You start your garden with a shoe organizer – the kind you can hang over your door.  You may luck into one at a thrift store or a dollar store, but we bought canvas organizers at the Container Store for less than $10 each.  If you can’t find canvas, you can absolutely use vinyl or plastic, but you’ll want to punch three or four holes in each pocket for drainage.

When thinking of what to plant, you’ll want to keep in mind that you won’t be able to stake things up very well – like tomato plants.  Lettuces work well in this type of garden, as does kale, some edible flowers, and anything you can think that will grow up or in a cascade as opposed to needing additional support.  We planted a lot of herbs – chocolate mint, two kinds of basil, oregano, and dill among them.  I also put in a couple of marigolds to act as a repellent for some animals and insects, and at the very bottom, we added a petunia, because I love them.


This is our first attempt, but the kids had a great time planting, and since it didn’t take a huge amount of effort to dig holes and plant the garden, we were finished before anyone got bored.  We used the over the door hooks to hang the organizers over our fence, but we added rope for additional support.


We’ll see how things go over the next few weeks.  We may lose everything, but for a minimal investment, we had some great family fun!