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European Wax Center Lawrenceville, NJ – A Review

The only body parts I’ve ever had waxed are my eyebrows and my chin.  It hurt – as in, my eyes watered every single time I waxed my eyebrows.  Waxing anything else seemed like it might be out of the question.

I started talking about waxing my legs a few weeks ago, when I realized that people weren’t asking me to join their reggae bands based on my musical talent but because of the dreadlocks on my legs.  I can never find time in this busy Mom’s life to shave anything, and finally, fear of winning “Best in Show” at Westminster convinced me that regardless of how painful it might be, I had to be waxed.

My friend Amy offered to go with me to a waxing place near her in Lawrenceville, NJ.  European Wax Center is located in the Mercer Mall, right off of US 1, and not too bad of a drive from South Jersey.  I pondered and considered and finally figured that if I ended up incapacitated, spring break was a good time to go get waxed.  I called Monday morning, my first day of spring break, and they were able to get me in Monday afternoon – awesome!  I checked with Amy, who I was going to drag out there with me, but because she is a far more productive member of society than I am, she was working 🙁  I thought for a minute about just waiting, but I knew if I didn’t go, I’d psych myself out of going at all.  So I went.

The front part of the facility is neat, clean, and the receptionist was friendly.  The only thing I didn’t like is the sales pitch at the desk about their packages.  At least wait until I’ve seen if I ever want to be waxed again before you try to have me sign my life away on a package.

After a few minutes, Adriene (yes, she spells it that way) called me back.  The room itself is sparse at best.  A cushy table, a small chair, and the waxing station.  But honestly, what else do you need?

Adriene was super friendly.  I was there for a Brazilian wax, legs, eye brows, and chin, and she quickly told me we’d get to know each other, as we’d be there a while!  My eyebrows were done almost before I realized it.  No pain, no cloth – just a thick application of their French import wax and it was done in a second.  Awesome!

She did my chin several times.  I do not like facial hair, so I am pretty diligent at removing the hairs on my chinny chin chin.  As a result, there really wasn’t enough to wax.  She kept trying, though, and did get a few stragglers.  It seems I may have to grow a ZZ Top beard, though, in order to be successfully waxed.

When she got to the Brazilian wax, I was freaking out.  She was soothing, comforting, and reassuring.  It was nice to know she hadn’t killed anyone, nor had anyone fainted under her careful hand.

While the Brazilian wasn’t entirely painless, it was absolutely way less humiliating than I expected.  Adriene was professional and warm, and she talked through the whole thing so you were distracted from any feeling of awkwardness or discomfort.

Adriene didn’t sell anything, although she did mention the products she was using.  I ended up buying the two things she used on me, plus one other so I could get the 20% discount they were offering on the purchase of three products.

I don’t think the prices were unreasonable.  The Brazilian was $42, and I’ve seen them as high as $60.  Eyebrows were pricier than they charge locally at the nail salon (they’re $7 – $10 here, but $16 there).  Everything else seemed within a reasonable range, although I admit, many of these were first time waxings for me.

I would definitely go back to European Wax Center – and even though they are opening one in Cherry Hill, Adriene certainly makes me want to go back to Lawrenceville.  Well, that and the Woody’s BBQ restaurant in the same mall AND the close proximity to my friends Amy and Anthony.  Definitely worth a return trip!

European Wax Center 609-275-8000

Mercer Mall

3371 US 1, Lawrenceville, NJ

Brazilian Wax – Who Thinks Up This Stuff?

I have this amazing friend Gary who does videos for Walt Disney World.  In the videos, there’s always Rob, an innocent bystander who warns Gary not to do the action he is about to perform.  This voice of reason always advises Gary not to do something potentially stupid.

I do not have a voice of reason in my house.  And I’m on spring break, so I’m supposed to get drunk and do crazy things.  So when the subject of a Brazilian wax came up, I found myself in the car, driving up to central Jersey, signing it at the European Wax Center.

So, for those that are unfamiliar, a Brazilian wax, it basically eliminates all of the hair from you, ummmm, hooha.  Some women opt to leave a “landing strip”, and I’ll leave to the imagination which my preference was.  Hot wax is applied, and then it’s ripped off, along with the unwanted hair.

Where is Rob, MY innocent bystander, when I need him?

If you read all about Brazilian waxes before you go to the salon, or watch some of the YouTube videos that are available, you may reconsider the whole thing.  You’ll see women, in hysterical laughter, as they lay on waxing tables trying not to cry.  You’ll read about infections, Jersey trying to ban this type of waxing, and, of course, mentions of Sex and the City, the show that apparently popularized the Brazilian.

Don’t believe everything you read – or see – on the web.

Is there pain involved?  Okay, well, yeah.  I mean, let someone yank hairs out of your vajayjay and you’re going to feel something.  But is it as bad as I expected it to be?

Not really.  Don’t tell my husband, because I expected to be able to milk this for about a week.

Yes, you’re going to experience some pain.  But I would say it’s not unbearable in any way.  And they tell me the more you do it, the less it hurts.  The hair becomes finer and more sparse, and there’s not as much “yanking” that goes on.

Things I learned today – take a Tylenol about an hour before you go.  That will help with the discomfort.  The longer your hair, the more yanking there is.  Yanking does not mean it feels good.  The top of the “V” hurts more than you think it will.  The lower bits hurt way less.

The tech that did my wax had seven years experience, and she was good.  I had to strip from the waist down (and don’t expect your tech to step out and allow you that last shred of dignity while you undress – they don’t), and lay on my back on the table.  You put the bottoms of your feet together, with your legs splayed out like butterfly wings.  You’re gonna be wishing you were at the ob/gyn office about now.  There’s no being modest if you’re going to get this done.

And then, as if there’s not enough humiliation, they do your behind.  There are various ways they make this happen, but mine was done while on my back, legs up in the air.  And the further down you go from the top of the “V”, the less it hurts.  Seriously.

The result – nice 🙂  I’m super impressed by how clean and comfortable this feels.  I’ve been bikini area shaving for years, and this is WAY better.

I already have my next appointment, so you know it couldn’t have been TOO bad!  Or else the endorphins are clouding my ability to make rational decisions.

Where’s that bystander again??