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Bean’s Hair

I have what is commonly refered to as Poker Straight hair.  My sister Megan has what is commonly referred to as Poker Straight hair.  My sister Bean, however, always had dark, wavy hair.  As she got older, and as her tumor got worse, the hair went from a nice, soft, wavy type of hair to a dry feeling, kinky type of hair.

I bring this up because I think of Bean a lot.  And last night, as I was combing the baby’s hair after her bath, I noticed she has this soft, wavy dark hair.  Since my other two girls have inherited the gene for Poker Straight hair, I am envisioning Granuaile with long, flowing, curly hair that is the envy of every straight haired girl in her path.  And as soon as I pictured my beautiful little curly haired daughter, the image was replace by Bean’s head of Brillo pad, uncontrollable, not so enviable curly hair. 

Keep your fingers crossed for those flowing beautiful curls…