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Grand Princess Drink of the Day – Grasshopper

Ahhh, minty fresh; but I like it too!  Oh, wait, that’s Irish Spring soap.  Or is it this drink?  Never mind.

grasshopper.jpgThe Grasshopper – a green drink to celebrate our day in Dublin.  This drink is made from green Creme de Menthe; white Creme de Cocoa; and either milk, fresh cream, or for a really decadent drink, vanilla ice cream.  I’m thinking the one we had was made with cream.

This isn’t bad, but I’m not a big fan of things like mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I like the creamy consistency of this drink, and the alcohol taste, while definitely there, is not the kind that burns your throat when you swallow.  It is definitely a refreshing cocktail. 

The best thing about this drink in terms of your gastric bypass patient is that it does not contain any sodas, but of course, the creme de menthe and creme de cocoa are both loaded with sugar.  Take a sip or two, but you don’t want to over indulge with this one.