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Grand Princess Martini of the Day – Toasted Almond – Gastric Bypass Review

NOW we’re talking MARTINI!! toastedalmondmartini.jpg

I know, I’ve badmouthed martinis all week long so far.  They were not going to impress me with a martini if Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson carried Brad Pitt into the dining room to serve the martini off of his washboard abs. 

But this one has Amaretto!  And Kahlua!  And Brogan’s Irish Cream!!  Oh, yeah, and vodka, which honestly, if they had left it out, the drink would have been perfect.

Cold and creamy, with all of the good stuff working over time to kill the gasoline burn the vodka causes as you swallow, this martini is the one to order if you are at a martini bar and all of your alkie friends are guzzling down drinks as if there is Beyonce’s diamond ring in the bottom of every glass.  It’s the least alcoholic tasting of the martini’s I’ve tried, and I’m sure if you slip the bartender at the martini bar, he’d be willing to leave out that nasty vodka without telling your friends you are a booze baby.

My fellow gastric bypass patients – yeah, if you’re a sugar dumper, just have the smallest sip of this one.  But if you want to try to make it at home with less alcohol (and less sugar), you could use the DaVinci sugar free Amaretto syrup.  If you can tolerate a little sugar, this is worth trying.  This was a nice drink.