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If I Was Jesus, I’d Be a Chocolate Chip Muffin

April 25, 2009 was Eilis’ First Holy Communion.  There was great thought and planning put into making her day incredible – but with a decidedly Eilis spin on things.  There would be no fancy party at a lovely restaurant on the waterfront somewhere.  There would be no thoughts of dozens of pictures with her in her beautiful dress in different poses.  But it all came together, just as she wanted.

With one exception.  The taste testing of the Eucharist itself.  The sample bag came home two days before the big day.  Two tiny wafers, innocently packed in a Ziploc snack bag.  Practice with your children, we were told.  Offer them the host as the priest would do, and let them know what it tasted like and felt like in your mouth.

Our taste test went something like this:

Me:  “Body of Christ”

Eilis:  “This is dumb.”

Me:  “Eat it anyway!”

Eilis: “Amen”

Eilis (with what can only be described as a nasty ass face):  “Ewwww!  This is what Jesus tastes like?  He’s Jesus!  If I was Jesus, I’d taste like a chocolate chip muffin!”

So you can imagine the look on her face when she actually got to Mass, received the Holy Eucharist, then went to sip the wine.

If she were Jesus, she’d be Kool-Aid.

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  1. Good blog….love the innocence and sense of humor of children!

    Thanks for sharing!

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