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Disney World Moms Panel Expedition Everest 5K Reunion

Let me start by saying I agreed to attend the 5K only for the opportunity to see my Disney Moms Panel BFFs.  The whole race thing was just a side note to what I had hoped would be a weekend as magical as our training weekend last December!  But, moving on…

I got up at just before 5 AM, unable to sleep, and still having to finish a few things I had not finished by bedtime just a few short hours ago.  I took a leisurely 7 minute shower, during which I nearly blinded myself with shampoo in my eyes, then had the brilliant idea to shave my legs.  This, my dear friends, is not the best plan I have ever devised.  After the Red Cross Volunteers gave me my juice, cookies, and “Thank You For Donating Today” sticker, I set out about choosing an outfit to wear.  I had multiple options at the ready, and I opted for a black broomstick skirt with a floral print, and a blue sweater that matched the colors in the skirt.

Eilis, my budding fashionista, pointed out immediately that my skirt was barf ugly and my sweater didn’t match.  When I told her I purchased the items directly from the store display, where the elegant looking mannequin was WEARING this outfit, she offered to have them either tested for color blindness or executed by the last three designers to win Project Runway.  I switched the blue sweater for a black, sleeveless sweater.

My ride to the airport was traffic free, and I actually made it from my house to the airport during the local radio station’s commercial break (apparently that 40 minutes of commercial free music is followed by 40 minutes of commercials).  I parked at the airport economy lot, and within minutes, I was on the shuttle on my way to Terminal C.

At check-in, the lady said I had the most beautiful name she had ever seen, and I graciously thanked her.  Then she asked me how to pronounce it.  Ummmm, A-Nuh.  No, the other one.  Seriously?  Who tells you your last name – especially one like mine – is the most beautiful name they’ve ever heard?

Security was only a five minute ordeal, until they pulled me out of line and placed me in a little glass booth for additional security screening.  Note to self, when trying to look extra cute for your husband, do it in jeans.  A long, flowy skirt will get you a pat down from a large, burly, female TSA agent with a 5 o’clock shadow at 8 AM.  The good thing is after that pat down, I think we are now considered engaged by 32 of the 50 states.  I’m going to register at Williams Sonoma.

After that violation of my personal space, I was entiteld to a latte.  I made my way over to the Not Starbucks airport coffe kiosk only to find I might need to book a later flight if I am going to wait in line for the coffee.  I decided to risk it. 

Finally, feeling like I am now eligible to apply for social security and AARP after the long coffee shop line, I find a seat at my gate.  The good thing about a flight to Orlando is seeing all the happy, excited children waiting to go to Disney World.  The worst part is when the happy, excited children realize they’ve been up since before dawn to get on this stupid early flight, and they become cranky and tired.  Oh, and of course they all board first.  I love it when they say, “If you are flying with children under the age of 5, you may board…” and families with children who are obviously in their 8th or 9th year of being under the age of 5 line up ahead of you 🙁

My one excitement in the airport terminal was watching a woman who had about 40 pounds on me, and much of that was in the area above her waistline.  She was wearing an extremely low cut V neck t-shirt, and she repeatedly dozed off, falling over forward each time, coming within a fraction of fabric from a wardrobe malfunction that would have easily rivaled the one pulled off by Janet Jackson.  Oh the humanity!

I am soon arriving at the airport, after a comfortable first class ride (thank you James).  Brighid is there waiting for me, and we hang out just a short while, grabbing my luggage, until Disney Mom Kim arrives.  We head over to drop Kim off at her hotel before we take ourselves over to the Earl of Sandwich for some lunch.  I love this place.

We browse the shops after lunch, chatting and enjoying each other’s company, and then it’s time to head to Sanaa, where we are meeting Disney Moms Kay, Joanne, Cathy, and Cathy’s incredibly nice husband, Mark.  It is amazing to me how after only meeting in December, and getting together one other time in Chicago, we can sit here and talk like old friends.  I loved it when the Moms jumped in and offered opinions to my daughter Brighid on her current relationship.  It captures the whole feeling of it takes a village to raise a child.  I love these women.

When dinner was over, the moms were heading to Jellyrolls, but despite Kay’s best efforts at corruption, Brighid does not own a fake ID and can’t get into the club.  She and I decide to head to the airport, where she will drop me off, I’ll wait for Jim, then he and I will head to Poinciana for the night.  As it turns out, I called Jim and he was already on his way to Downtown Disney to meet me.  Brighid left to go home, and when Jim arrived, he and I headed over to Jellyrolls for a couple of drinks and a song or two before making the long drive to Poinciana. 

It was so nice to see all of the Moms, and our Moms Panel Mascot Gary!  Hugs all around is a great way to start the weekend off right!

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