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Disney World Moms Panel Reunion Day 2, ESPN Wide World of Sport

 So who knew?  I have been to Disney World like a bazillion times, and while I knew of the existence of Disney’s Wide World of Sports, I didn’t know what they did over there.  I mean, sure, I figured it had something to do with sports, and the, ummmm, wide world; but the only image that comes to mind for me when I hear Wide World of Sports is the show my dad used to watch on the weekends – you know the one with that poor ski jumper vividly portraying ‘the agony of defeat”?  There truly is a Wide World of Sports here at Disney, and it’s been right under my nose the whole time!

Admittedly, a visit to the Wide World of Sports did not make me a sports fan, but for those of you that are, there are things here not to be missed.  You can nearly always find a tournament of some sort going on here, including the World Series of Softball, which was taking place during our visit.

There is even an opportunity for you to enjoy Major League Baseball here, as the field is home to the Atlanta Braves during spring training.  What a great way to see my Division Champion Philadelphia Phillies without having to come up here to Philly!

You’ll find Pop Warner here, cheerleading competitions, and other athletic events.  They also have a nice cafeteria, concession stands, and Don, the tour guide who will remind you of your high school PE teacher.

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  1. I gotta say – it sounds horrible, right down to “will remind you of your high school PE teacher”. Nightmares!

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